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Matty Boy

Directed By by Dr. Shahid Kamal

Matt’s dying wife asks him to remarry because she loves him so much she can’t stand the thought of him being alone. To her surprise, she learns the saying ‘be careful what you wish for’ is too true as Matt jumps at the offer. Alas, when she finds out her doctors misdiagnosed her, Matt refuses to leave his second wife and the three agree to try a polygamy life style.

Surprisingly, the women seem to get along, but soon enough begin to wonder if Matt is cheating or thinking of marrying a third wife.

Matt, a rich, immature womanizer manages to come across as a somewhat likable guy, but is certainly not the sharpest knife in the drawer. A fact his two wives count on as they come up with a plan to punish him. The women decide to make him believe he desires a third wife and set him up. When he asks for their consent to add another wife to the household, they condition it and make him sign away his properties. This goes on as a new fourth wife arrives and ends when Matt loses it all.

This film doesn’t do justice to men or women as all come across as greedy, manipulative and disrespectful. However, since everyone demonstrates the same type of behavior, and no one seems to be truly offended by it, the comedy comes to life.

As the short film progresses, Matt finds himself in the street but from that comes a new opportunity for real love. The women, however, learn they miss Matt more than they thought  they would and even cared to admit.

How and if they get him back remains to be seen as the film ends with a teaser and a promise to be continued.

‘Matty Boy’was Written by Dr Samir Srivastava and Dr Shahid Kamal, who also directed it.

The cinematography, done by Michael Spry, is playful and helps set the tone. The characters don’t take themselves seriously and the acting is amusing and likable, adding a fun twist on what could have been a grim matter. Matt, acted by the talented Vincent De Paul, manages to remain rather pleasant despite his clear character flaws. This paired well with his giftedco-stars, Emma Galliano who played Alice, Aisha Jacob Williams, who played Nora, and Farida Bawa, who played Lucy.

At the end of the day, all the characters want to be loved and feel cherished, but miss the true meaning of love. They search in all the wrong places, and lose their morals and values through it. However, the director did promise the film isn’t over and so we’re left with the hope of redemption and change.

‘Matty Boy’ is a funny humorous comedy that takes its characters on a unique journey to find the thing they want most while making as many mistakes as possible. So, if you’re in the mood for an enjoyable experience, this is the film for you.


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