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Manchester Lift-Off Film Festival

A report by Kamalika Sarkar

The Manchester Lift-Off Film Festival is known for its contribution in bringing out the bona fide Independent genre of films from emerging filmmakers across the globe and connecting the UK and International film markets. This festival aims at enhancing the bonding between the audiences and the artists in order to impart an exceptional platform for the creative indie filmmakers. This year the festival starts from Monday, 14th of March and continues till Monday, 11th of April 2022. There will be something for everyone with a mix of new talent and festival veterans covering all genres and all these will be available exclusively on Vimeo On Demand; their screening partner. This festival seeks filmmakers and screenwriters who are either at the initial space of their career and are looking for a true guide along with external support in the area of filmmaking and also experienced professionals looking into expanding their vision and ideas about filmmaking.

The film festival is all set to bang on the Chapel Town Picture House this Saturday, 26th of March to celebrate its 5th annual edition, from 3 pm to 4 pm. As part of this year’s Manchester Lift-Off Film Festival, they are inviting Lift-Off Professional and Intermediate Members to join at Chapeltown Picturehouse for an afternoon focused on collaboration and networking. A few of the Lift-award-winning Off’s filmmakers will be featured who are establishing a name for themselves in the business. This program provides short film content from a variety of genres and forms, highlighting local talent and UK filmmakers. The festival brings forth two special categories: JUDGES’ SELECT SHORTS and TRENDSETTERS SHORTS. JUDGES’ SELECT SHORTS showcases shorts that the judges deemed to be brave and sometimes experimental. The festival seeks pleasure to present work from these talented filmmakers. TRENDSETTERS SHORTS is a fantastic collection of short films from filmmakers that are just starting out in the business. Lift-Off believes that “CONNECTION BETWEEN AUDIENCE AND CREATIVE IS KEY”; after all, a film isn’t complete unless it connects with its audience. This is the final and most important step in the creative process. The Lift-Off Network offers a set of resources to help filmmakers and screenwriters advance their careers. Feedback on festival screenings, education in the form of workshops, and networking opportunities are all part of it. Participants are invited to focus groups where they can interact with other aspiring filmmakers and gain exposure to the bigger film industry. This allows filmmakers to pitch their movies to major film festivals across the world. They also offer online workshops and lectures by seasoned experts to help fund productions, facilitate distribution, and introduce smart career options. Workshops address a variety of topics, including how to develop a filmmaking brand, how to find producers, how to crowd fund, how to come up with innovative ideas for genre-based material, and how to make a film with a great short-film story structure. These sessions are in-depth, delivering in-depth information on the aforementioned themes and serving as a perfect beginner’s guide for curious cinema fans. When it comes to submission, they believe that charging certain filmmakers but not others is unequal, and as a result, they are unable to provide fee waivers under any case. They strongly advise planning your submission strategy before finishing your project so that you can benefit from lower early submission fees.

The Manchester Lift-Off  Film Festival; is an important part of the Lift-Off family and encourages deserving and talented film professionals from all across the globe to enhance their platform in the world of cinema.  Lift-Off Film Festivals are the lifeblood of the Lift-Off Network, and they take great delight in organizing each one. Their Film Festivals, which take place all over the world throughout the year, strive to present a varied and exciting spectrum of independent talent, with filmmakers at the center. They value originality and inventiveness above everything else, regardless of funding or celebrity support. They want to showcase folks that are getting out there and making work that they care about, from feature documentaries to VR music videos and everything in between Juries’ Select Features is a kaleidoscope of genre, style, and individuality. Content from the experimental and art-house genres is also included. Overall this festival commits to bringing out the best of the bests.

Kamalika Sarkar is a creative content writer by profession. She has pursued her post graduation in English literature; creativity and art attracts her always. Other than writing she has interests in music and art as well and has worked as a creative 3d illusion makeup artist in recent years.


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