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Make A Wish



Directed by Rishi Rajendra Manohar | Reviewed by Samiksha Periwal

‘Make a Wish’ is a film just as dreamy as it sounds. It is a real-life manifestation of the perfect fairytale stories we’ve all read and heard of as children, stories where you get whatever, you ask for. The concept of buying and selling hope in the form of people is what this twenty first century company has to offer. ‘Make a Wish’ is a company that ‘rents out’ people as in husbands, mothers, girlfriends and so on to people who long for human relationships in their lonely lives. Rachel, a 27-year-old, single, to-be mother visits this company as a potential customer looking forward to renting a husband. Would she actually be successful in selecting a suitable man to serve as her fictitious husband or would she choose a whole different course of action? You would need to see the entire movie by yourself to discover the answer to this question.

The storyline and conceptualization of this film is extremely unique and relevant for the majority of people living in today’s competitive and fast-paced times. The world has advanced in terms of technology and development yet there is no such technology that guarantees giving you love and a happy family. However, this film does have a company that can temporarily fill your emptiness by offering fake alternatives in the form of parents, siblings, lovers and many more, on rent. These fake alternatives can also be personalized as per your preferences to give you those brief moments of joy and love. However, all of this in exchange of a good sum of money and a thought that should be kept at the back of your mind suggesting that all of this is transient, which will ultimately come to an end and leave you just the way you were before. This very concept makes this film extremely intriguing for the audiences. The freshness of the idea kindles your imagination to think far and beyond with a genie like company granting possibly all your wishes and offering you such precious moments of happiness.

This short film revolves around the protagonist Rachel and her unborn baby for whom she searches for a fake husband and father to her child. She is an independent woman who has been raised by a single mother, so she understands the value of a father in a child’s life. Her dream of having a perfect family seems just all good until she comes face to face with reality. This movie follows the journey of a woman who discovers her value and a mother who is struggling to make ends meet in a way that has never been done before.The idea of love and human relationships has been portrayed in two very contrasting lights. The first being a very shallow and temporary concept of literally ‘renting out’ people to offer you love and the other extremely realistic, deep yet hurtful as Rachel’s breakup with her ex-boyfriend and the subsequent loneliness that she had to suffer from as a result of it. These two sides are shown simultaneously in the film giving us food for thought in terms of the realism and actuality of love. Even though this may sound a little too profound, it is somewhat true, especially when we choose love for ourselves by swiping left or right on the screen of our phone after viewing a picture. An idea that, like the notion of “renting out,” would undoubtedly strike earlier generations as absurd.

The writing and direction of this film is extremely praiseworthy. Moreover, Bianca Buchholtz’s portrayal of Rachel adds on to the quality of this film. She’s phenomenal in terms of acting, perfectly bringing out her emotions as a woman longing for a companion. Her work has definitely added more meaning and perspective to this film. The supporting actors have also done a great job at making this film seem as realistic as possible. The set’s aesthetics also create a relaxing atmosphere and are appealing to the audience’s eyes. The film’s powerful message has elegantly emerged towards the film’s end and is certain to move its viewers. It is a must-watch and should be added to your list ASAP!


Samiksha Periwal is an 20 year old student from Kolkata, West Bengal. She is an enthusiast, eager to learn and explore. She has done her schooling from Lakshmipat Singhania Academy, Kolkata and is currently a student of Christ University, Bangalore pursuing a triple major in BA Psychology, Sociology and English. She is a passionate writer and has won many laurels for her school through the years.



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