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Magic Concert Tricks


Review by Panchali Kar

The animated film Magic Concert Tricks is a fascinating tale. The story revolves around the magic wand of a magician and how it makes the day of a music concert conductor; a perfect entertainer for the kids and the grown-ups alike. A short presentation of about 8 minutes, yet it stays in in your mind for some time. The animation department is spot on: very creative and engaging. On today’s date where 3D and 4D has taken over the animation industry, a simple 2D animated film can still make a mark with brilliant creativity.

Cult Critic Film of the Month: Magic Concert Tricks

The background score and the narration are very funky, which paces up the presentation. The characters have been very neatly sketched and inducted in front of the audience. The character introductions have been done nicely followed by precise character establishment. Every character has been skillfully designed with its unique characteristics that aids to the spontaneity of the story progression. The sudden twist in the story was very gripping and smart.

Cult Critic Film of the Month: Magic Concert Tricks

Each and every frame of the animations is neat, unique, and created with adequate negative space to make the audience concentrate on the subject. Since too many elements are not present in the frames, there are fewer chances of distractions. The light and shadow scheme is done with precision, thoroughly. The transition from one frame to another has been neatly timed with the narration.
The best part of the film is the final twist with the concluding dialogue with the film. That will leave you awed and make you think further. An apparently simple film raises a huge question as it ends, and that is exactly where it is not just an animated film for pure entertainment, it has much more to give.


Panchali Kar Cult Critic Film MagazinePanchali Kar is a Dancer, Choreographer, Actor and Filmmaker. In addition, Panchali is a devout advocate for egalitarian social change, is affiliated with the NGO, Responsible Charity and currently working on a photo documentary on LGBT rights. She is an avid scholar and veteran of the performing arts and a seasoned instructor. Panchali maintains several degrees in the Arts including a M.Mus degree. Ms. Kar is also affiliated with AKTO, a Kolkata theater group based in the city in which she resides.


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