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Directed by Srividya Basawa / Reviewed by Riya Saha

MADHA is a Sanskrit term that exactly translates to ‘insanity personified’, Directed by Srividya Basawa. Madha her film is about obsession and a dangerous chase game, where proving yourself “NOT INSANE” matters.

Psychological thrillers give us some of the most dramatic art in cinema. It’s all about exploring the infinite human psyche, be it that of a serial killer or a girl-next-door, or someone who is a friend with insane murderous thoughts. No one knows what goes on inside a person’s head, which is what these spine-chilling films are about.

The reason I love psychological thriller is it makes me think and imagine what is coming next. It does increase the imagination power.

MADHA has a strong gothic suspense component that elevates it above its peers. Viewers will surely love Nisha, the protagonist, and not to miss Arjun. With movies like ‘Joker’, we seldom see that the negative characters show their acting talent brilliantly. In MADHA, Arjun, had remarkable acting talents that boosted this modern-day suspense story and surely tinged the movie’s gothic atmosphere.

Srividya’s clean, to-the-point and candid observations of human nature come together here to deliver a truly outstanding thriller. Sparse, blunt, and wholly engrossing, MADHA shocks and captivates not with blood and gore, but with the tragic capacity for desperate, ordinary people to do terrible, far-from-ordinary things.

Though MADHA by Srividya Basawa Is her debut film from her home production which is named THIRD EYE PRODUCTIONS.

The director in her words: “ This film is an output of 6 years of struggle. Making a female-centered film with the main crew being females makes me proud. This will be a game-changer in Tollywood as there are hardly any psychological thrillers in the Telugu film industry and hardly any production house takes up the risk to make an experimental film like this.”

Women directors have always been inspiring. be it American Psycho” by Mary Harron, I Am Not a Witch” by Rungano Nyoni, Monsoon Wedding” by Mira Nair, Aparna Sen (A famous Bengali director, actress), Be it Meghna Gulzar, or Zoya Akhtar, we always got a brilliant storyline and unique storytelling from these phenomenal ladies. Hopefully, Srividya Basawa will come up with more Independent Award-worthy films in the future.

Therefore, have you watched the movie yet? If not! Prepare to be completely immersed in MADHA’s crooked world; from its ugly secrets to the relentless try of Nisha to prove herself right, where there is Arjun the trapper, surely every bit of MADHA would make you proud.


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