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Directed by Wei Shengyu/ Reviewed by Subarna Chatterjee

Lust Day directed by Wel Shengyu is a story of a young boy who get attracted by the charms and lust and ends up losing his and his mother’s life. The movie starts with a beautiful background score and a disturbing visual which interests the viewer to go into the depth and from therein starts the crazy tale of love, lust, need and betrayal.

The story revolves around a young man and his sudden encounter with a lady and the events which continues thereafter. The playful events between the young couple are showcased in an utter class manner. Though the faces of the individuals are not shown in the entire plot but the mere glances are shown so beautifully that you will get hooked up to the story. The Director has done a great work.

Starting from the story line, creativity to the hard-hitting performances and music the short film is one of a kind. The transitions the performances the tone used is on point. Showcasing sexual scenes with such ease is one of the major plus point of this art piece.  The director here has kept the story very simple but a one worth giving a message aloud that don’t overlook important things while craving for temporary lust and affection. The story bit my bit hits with this strong notion and advice which will give the viewer a deep understanding of the whole concept as whole. How the boy falls prey to mere lust and ends up losing his life and money, due to which even he forgets to visit the hospital where his mother’s operation was due. A day which was supposed to be a lifesaver day for his mother turns out to be the day of death for both. The focus of the young boy on his sexual desires overpowered everything else and this has been shown quite elegantly in the tale.

Giving some special credit to the sound effects, because that is what made the story so thrilling and engaging as a whole. Every time I wanted to discontinue my concentration the background music played its game and engaged me more into the piece. This subtle and intact representation of beautiful cinematic representation is well needed in a time when movies are made just for entertainment purposes. This movie abides all the constraints and even goes against some and proves it to be something beyond the regular movies. Getting to see something which is beyond the everyday same storyline movie gives a good feeling and therefore levels up the standard of the movie too at the same time. I would love to see more of this kind of creation and this type of screen representation from directors like Wel. Looking forward to more such amazing work like this.


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