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Love. Me



Directed by Nicola Schito

What is love? An answer which is mankind searching for a very long time. This short is not about a philosophical piece on finding love. As you can see from the name of the film, Love and Me – two different words have been used. These two aspects, Love and Me, both have been very much present in the film. The name of the film implies the self discovery of a person through love. However, that love doesn’t come in a regular or conventional way.  Love is a result of violence.

Love. Me is a sci-fi drama that talks about love in a interesting way. There is no earthy matter in the story. There is something out of the world present in the film. The dramatization of the elements concerning love is fascinating to watch. The way science fiction has been used to tell a love story that is really interesting. Interestingly, this approach of blending two different genres is a new thing. This cocktail of ideas hooks the audience to watch the short. Though two genres have been blended but they don’t overlap with each other.

This short is for an audience who likes to experiment with what they watch. As I said earlier, it is not a conventional love story but that doesn’t mean it is not for everyone. Nudity doesn’t cause a friction in the mind and goes seamlessly with the story. As an audience you would get to encounter a new type of love on the screen. The poetic elements keep the film attractable to everyone. The stunning visuals are another way you may get mesmerized. The montages create a magical and strike you with a force that you can’t ignore.

Nicola Schito, the director of the film, also the producer and co-writer of the film, has taken an audacious step in making this film. The writer duo, Nicola Schito and Marco Doodle Masperi, stitched the story in a very intimate way. The way they’ve weaved the story is really interesting. Another interesting part of this film is sound. The music director duo Matteo Parolini and Massimo Mariani has successfully created a sounds cape that is new and to some extent alien. The music has a tremendous techno flavor in it. The two actors in the film Edoardo Lomazzi and Margherita Varricchio are spectacular in the film. The acting is so intense and bold that you can’t take your eyes off.

The story of the film is absolutely stunning. “Love.Me – (Mi.Ami)” tells of “Anzi Love”, an alien experiment that through the protagonist “Harumi”, wants to understand the meaning of love. To be precise the relationship between a man and a woman is. This form of love is not platonic. Love involves sex and nudity. The protagonist tries different ways to find the meaning of love including violence. Harumi is subjected to many forms of violence, mistaking them as proofs of Love. The consequence is the research of violence to feel beloved. However, the experiment “Anzi Love” deduces what Love is not. The moot point of the film is the journey of finding love and yet not reaching there.

The experiment to feel beloved is really interesting. The film deals with man’s innermost desires- love, sympathy, violence, etc.  You get to see all the flavors of it in this film. The film ends with a note of despair not disillusionment. There is no sense of love-lost among the characters. As if the ending was inevitable.

I would like to give 4 stars out of 5 to Love. Me. The best part of the film is the theme of the film and the way it has been presented. The music is another attractive thing of this film. You just need to have 20 minutes of time to watch it.


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