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Directed by Janne Lindrum/ Reviewed by Adva Reichman

Some families are bigger than life. Their legacies are eternal, but the lives behind them are painfully mortal. Such is the famous Lindrum family from Australia whose name holds great sporting significance to many, but their story possesses so much more than that. In a one woman show, Jan Lindrum brings her ancestors to life and doesn’t shy away from presenting the full picture.

‘LINDRUM: The Uncrowned King’ is based on the true story of the Lindrum family and sporting dynasty. This play beautifully encompasseswar, betrayal, rape,desire, courtroom drama, and all the extremes that accompany a highly competitive sport on the world stage.

Jan Lindrum’s performance is captivating, heartfelt and touching. She presents several of her family members and bravely reveal their heart, flaws and truth. Each character uniquely shines a light their highs and lows, those surrounding them and the era they live in. Jan takes us into their home and lets us see inside their soul. We view those they fell in love with and chose to marry,despite being cut off or charged with bigamy.Those they resented and feared,whether personally or professionally. The heartbreaking rape two women had gone through and how one was threatened to keep silent and then shamed, while the other was forced into marrying her rapist, in order to keep her honor and family’s name. The family’s tales go on and on, surrounding the world, reaching far away continents and even facing Hitler in WWII. This story truly is one of a kind.

Jan’s storytelling is compelling and riveting. For the duration of the play I was completely enthralled by the journey she took me on, leading me from father to daughter, mother to son, through generations, ever changing norms and bravery. All coming together by the love and competitiveness of snooker and billiards. The Play ends with her father, Horace Lindrum, a one of a kind player, or as she calls him – the uncrowned king. 

Horace Lindrum was the world professional snooker and Australian professional billiards and snooker champion.During his fifty-year sporting career, Horace was continuously in the spotlight. Life wasn’t always easy, and Horace Lindrum’s destiny was tarnished by tragedy, family mayhems, war and controversy.Despite it all, Horace found a way to let his passion thrive and do what he loves. That however, came with a price.

Jan argues that since her father’s death in 1974, his life and achievements have been misrepresented. With this play, and the book she published about his life, she sets out to explore her family’s personal journey throughout four generations, as well as their billiards and snooker achievements. By doing that, Jan explains she aims to restore Horace’s reputation as one of Australia’s most significant sporting pioneers.

This play will remind you why theatre is magical. Luckily for us, that magic was captured on film. Produced and edited by internationally acclaimed documentary filmmaker Peter Hiscock and creative director Grant Dodwell, it can now reach an even greater audience. And that is what a great story deserves. 


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