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Light Thief



Directed by Eva Daoud | Reviewed by Biplab Das

Light Thief is like a tribute to magic realism. It deals with one of the most talked-about aspects of humanity – love. The short is not a study of those individuals who play with the idea of love. It is also a story of a thief who steals love from his lovers. He doesn’t get involved himself in love. His only agenda is to steal love from her numerous lovers. There is also a fantasy element present in the film. It is an interesting idea to know that love can be stolen and preserved. We all that how today society is dabbles with the subject like love.

The best part is that viewers will enjoy this short irrespective of their preferences. Adults, young adults will especially enjoy the film. The film blurs the line between reality and fantasy. This makes the film somewhat interesting. The storytelling is simple but effective. There is a catch in the film at its end. For obvious reasons, I’m not revealing it here. The audience may enjoy the fact there is tension throughout the film. There is nothing bad about that tension. Light Thief is also a study of trauma. It is a study of a person when he/she seeks love.

The director of the film is Eva Daoud. She is an award-winning international film director. She has a strong filmography under her belt. She is also the writer of the film. She handled his actors well. The actors of the short have done a tremendous job. Angel de Miguel has done a fantastic job in playing the role. The director of photography Miguel de Olaso Macgregor has successfully shown the gothic architecture of the Spanish city. The background music of the film is intriguing. The haunting factor of the music catches everyone’s attention from time to time.

The plot of the film is that a man, a promiscuous flirt, steals the essence of love from his partners and puts it in a vessel with no name. The short shows what happens to those persons and what happens to them. The film shows how the man breaks his lovers’ heart and stay in them in pain. The film leaves a question for the audience who wants to know what happens after a soul gets stolen. You can find your meanings at the end of the film. There is also a trick at the very end of the film.

The film is an introspection of the scenario of the current love situation across the world. We choose a partner but do we think about that how that person will feel after the breakup.  We have sort of assumed that love and trauma are interrelated. The film argues when we fall in love, do we trap that person. This has been argued in the film. We go into a relationship – but are we trap ourselves or we gain something.

I would like to give 4 stars (out of 5) to this short. The Light Thief is a good attempt to show the vulnerabilities of modern love. We change our partners frequently but never able to come out of the trauma. The best thing about the short is at the end it raises the question of love. Who is a Light Thief? Are there many light thieves in our society? What we should do to negate them? Is there any way that we can negate this problem? The film raises multiple questions. That is the best part of the film. The film is not a mystery drama but raises many mysteries. The idea of a light thief has also been surfaced in this film. Have we ever encountered Light Thief in our life? If we meet one then what should we do? 


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