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Directed by Jim Winton Porter / Reviewed by Riya Saha

Where all the countries are shut all their operations due to the outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic, LIGHT reflects the lives of two elderly couples and how things are changed. Noting is normal again, everyone is homebound and since the “SHE” in the house is a nurse she needs to spend all her time in the hospital taking care of the patients. “He” is completely isolated and the only medium of contact is the smart phone.

Things have surely changed with the outbreak of these diseases; life is no longer the same. The movie is a   real reflection of the life we are presently having. Fear, poverty, and also housebound is leading to depression. Light is surely one of the purest manifestations of our present condition.

In this time of self-isolation, it’s easy to sit back and plot the type of coronavirus movie you’d like to make. Maybe it’s one about a desperate search for a vaccine, or maybe the lives lost in the virus. Maybe it’s about an estranged father who has to fight his way back to normal life again. Kudos to director Jim Winton Porter, he not only wrote the screenplay on coronavirus but recreated the present days with firm depiction. He did not focus on any gritty drama – but this hilarious short film is about the conflicted lives of two elderly people whose lifeline rests upon each other, but they cannot spend time.

If we speak about the moral value of the movie, it not only brings around the pain that one feels looking at people losing lives in front of their lives daily. As people we do not sympathize with the patients rather we think that they are spreading the disease. Have we ever thought that they have become ill and it was not their wish! Moreover, hatred is making the living of their family intolerable. The ones who are losing live are someone’s sister, father, mother, or brother. But they cannot even have a last look at them.

I really loved the way the director portrays the movie, the way he compared the visuals of the past, and the present. The visuals of the sea resemble the flowing of time, and it shows that nothing is constant it flows like the water.

Filming is an art and as a director, you must target the right emotions of the audience at the right time. Light makes a lot of sense because it’s truly engaging and permits us to step into the present situation and envision the reality, perhaps far more difficult for others than our own.

So, all thanks to the actors, who have expressed all the scenes with finesse! The visuals were a treat to the eyes. Moreover, in this present pandemic situation, we must all stay inside our home to stay safe.

We must also value our lives along with others. We should not condemn those who are suffering from coronavirus and be empathetic with them and their family. Also, we must maintain the safety guidelines, and avoid watching too much news related to the virus. Isolation may lead to depression. Start finding interesting things to do so that you do not get bored or depressed.


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