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Directed by Sam Stillman / Reviewed by Aindrila Chatterjee

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”

There is no one in this world who don’t love adventure. Adventure helps one to grow. Leon Battista Alberti said that every man is the mortal god. Movies are that God’s church. I’m a humanist, for the sole reason that I’m human. If I was a bird I’d be a birdist. We all are in search of love. We all are searching it in many ways, but still haven’t found the answer.

The film “Let’s Get Lost” starring Stella Schnabel as Ozzy and Peter Greene as Ray. The film is about a female character Ozzy, who beset on all sides by the eccentricities of the artists around her. She escapes her jazz club to go on an adventure with Jack- a talented and mysterious urban forest-sprite singer. She is in search of love. Her search went on and on till she found someone for her. Like her we all are in search of love. Some found it very easily, while others are still in search for it. People who got their loved ones are lucky enough. Let’s Get Lost is a 2019 American documentary about the turbulent life of Ozzy written and directed by Sam Stillman.

The story evolves around a strange turn to a simple drama which overcomes the limits of a person’s life who is an explorer, an explorer of love. When Ozzy ultimately found the mysterious singer, the writer-director’s understanding became a fascinating example in a cinematic form. The casts are so good that they don’t overreact and thus all seems very natural. The theme is about  the long journey of every person who understood that one can achieve his/her goal if he/she could find the love of life. Sometimes men and women tend to hide their emotions very elegantly. But once they get it, they could achieve everything in their life. Sometimes we get many proposals in our life, but all are not the right one. We had to remember that to proceed in our life. All those unwanted proposals can make one happy initially, but there will be no craziness in it. That is the reason one had to flee from one person to another.

The craziness comes in such a level that – ‘Love goes by haps; Some Cupid kills with arrows, some with traps’. Many get trapped in that, and many can overcome it. Some may say that this love of our life changes as our perspective changes. But we had to remember that change is the only constant.

Love is a variable one. It depends upon the person who is doing it. Some people found love in music, some in food; while some in adventure or some in money. So, it depends with whom you are in love with. If your loved one share the same interest as yours, your love becomes successful. Else, the search goes on..Once Shakespeare said – “The course of true love never did run smooth”. This is because we had to face many hardships and difficulties to have the love of our life, just like Ozzy did in this film.

Director-Writer of this film, Sam Stillman was born on 1987. His entrance in film industry is through casting. Sam worked under Eléonore Hendricks on various projects. His first film was “Honeybee” starring Eléonore has been released in 2014. His recently screenplay “Giants Being Lonely”, directed by Grear Patterson. It had been premiered in 2019. Shortly after he directed his first short film, “Let’s Get Lost” filmed by Sean Price Williams.


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