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Directed by Waldemar Oldenburger | Review by Arindam Bhunia

[dropcap]Girl[/dropcap] abuse, child sexual abuse, domestic violence, when directors choose such unusual topics they must have some intensions. Yes, firstly their intension should be to give a massage to the society and also their intention should be the same. And I really have a great respect for these directors. And after watching the award winning film LEN, director WALDEMAR OLDENBURGER has not only included him in the list rather he made me one of his biggest fans. Having such a distinctive and unique topic how romantic and eye-soothing a movie can be you can never imagine unless you watch the film.

The story is about LEONARD in short LEN a soft spoken, sweet boy lives with his elder sister Tina. Tina is in police. Due to her hectic schedule Tina can’t take proper care to Len, though she loves him a lot. Leonard is in love with his school principal’s daughter Hanna though she did not say it yes. One day on the way to school LEN saved Hanna from some of their school- boys who misbehaved with her. But he was surprised when the principal took the matter so lightly and advised Len to stay out of these matters for his good future. Len got his reward as Hanna accepted his love and kisses him. But on the day only Len becomes at fault when he discovers that the principal himself abuses his own daughter Hanna. Len wants Tina’s help, But for some past reason Tina disbelief Len and refused him. Desperate Len took stills Tina’s official weapon and attacked Hanna’s father. Len made the culprit confess his guilt, but the poor boy can’t get his love ever and takes his last breath at the gun point of police.

Director WALDEMAR OLDENBURGER has beautifully procured current and bygone set of circumstances in his film. LEN is ‘visually’ stunning, ‘smells’ of freshness in every frame and ‘touches’ your heart in every second. Every performance in the film is well accomplished. Playing such a character with so much innocence and expressions, the young boy is simply outstanding in every aspect and definitely wins your heart unconditionally. All the actors are very lively and perfect in their respective roles. Especially the last scene, where Len gives the proof of Hanna’s father’s guilt to his sister Tina and dies with a satisfactory smile in his face took my eye.

The film is all about relationship. Relationship between a brother and a sister, relationship between two friends and true lovers. In this so called modern age also a girl feels helpless and can’t protest or confess properly about domestic violence and sexual abuse. Till date our social structure has shut these innocent’s and victim’s mouth. But where devil is present there definitely will be a divine being. Leonard is like the messenger of God in Hanna’s life. We need LEN like films more and more to save thousands of Hanna in our society. I want to give director WALDEMAR OLDENBURGER lots of kudos for his outstanding work.


Cult Critic: Arindam BhuniaArindam Bhunia is a marketing manager in an MNC with more than eight years of work experience in electrical field. Apart from his corporate job, he has interest in cultural activities so he joined Human Lab Corporation as Chief Executive Officer. He oversees strategic planning for film, television and video game production, marketing and distribution for the company’s business verticals worldwide. He is also responsible for overseeing finance, legal, labour relations, technology and HLC Studio operations.


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