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Directed by Santhosh Kumar R/ Reviewed by Riya Saha

Oh the sound effects, It’s superb. I believe the best part about Tamil movies is the action and the story. Labyrinth also named Chakravyuham is a mystery-thriller that tries to revolve around a series of homicides lately which baffles the police department. It is racing against time for the protagonist to save the next victim before the killer strikes again.

Vijay Adhiraj the lead actor land in a dangerous situation, followed by a series of twists and turns that make Chakravyuham, a must-watch thriller. It was equally appreciated for its racy screenplay that blends action and suspense elements quite well. ‘Chakravyuham is an extremely successful movie that took upon a rather sensitive theme that talked about the dark internet and how many people fall victim to internet voyeurism.

In a way, you could say that ‘Lens’ is a cyber-crime thriller that talks about how a  serial killer traps innocents, who are addicted to through online games. The investigating officer gets embodied in a series of events that shakes him up. More than a thriller, Chakravyuham has touched upon an important and necessary subject.

A great thriller is far more concerned with the anticipation of an event than with the payoff moment, Santhosh Kumar R made the best choice when working in this genre. Besides the great script of Chakravyuham, as I have already pointed out the sound effects of the film are simply great. In actual the movie feels like a real commercial movie, it is power-packed with great acting, great voice-overs, great concept, good pacing and so much more.

Thrillers are all about anticipation, and Chakravyuham gives the audience’s breathing room to bite their nails or sit on the edge of their seats. The movie has a  fine blend of suspenseful music to bring out the true depth in the crime scenes.

The sequence where the first crime is taken place that successfully utilizes music and silence to create an atmosphere thick with tension and suspense. And so on the other scenes.

The best part of  Labyrinth is the director main goal was to unleash the idea of the crime, and how it is taking place, but he did not reveal the serial killer as a means to keep their audience guessing.

The reason the movie is successful is it focused on a singular idea at any given point, and then twist and turn ensured that the criminal is very intelligent and is staying ahead of the investicating officers.

The crime scenes are tightly secured and well directed, neither too much violence was featured nor it was left loose. The film had proper planning and this is why despite being an independent movie, I cannot separate Chakravyuham from the commercial serial killing films that we watch on large screens.

The concept of the crime or the concept through which the serial killer plans his crime is simply magic. I bet I have never experienced such a genius criminal mind. Kudos to the screenplay writer to think of such an innovative concept of the film. Overall the movie is just fantastic, and I cannot wait to see the upcoming part, where negativity will finally be defeated.


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