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Directed by Kristian Comer / Reviewed by Riya Saha

True love is one of the purest and sweetest things you will ever find. I wanted to make a film dealing with it, and I hope you enjoy it – Kristian Comer

Love is not only a physical reaction, it is everything. Love gives us quickened heart rate, butterflies in our stomachs, dilated pupils, sweaty palms, a hard time finding words, the instinctive urge to physically touch are just a few ways in which love can physically affect us. A stable and healthy physical relationship with another person boosts emotional and mental wellbeing as well. July 15th Directed by Kristian Comer, deals with the pangs of love, and how the death of your loved one can affect your health.

Summarizing the story of the film in a few words:

Widower Stanley Stevenson is on his way to celebrate the anniversary of the day he met his deceased wife Clara. Each year he goes back to the same spot, a bench in Washington Square park and eats the same sandwich, hot roast beef, he had that day. When he reaches the bench he finds a woman crying and decides to cheer her up. Between hilarious banter of shared interests of love, food, and New York they develop a bond. July 15th deals with the theme of true love and how it is affected by a death.

With 18 minutes and 12 seconds, the director has beautifully explained the complete story. The two lead characters and their relationship lend the film a unique charm. There are some genuinely nice romantic moments. Like when Stan comes and finds a woman crying and decides to cheer her up. The choice of the scenes underlines the pathos in their relationship and also places it in an old-worldly context.

The chemistry between Stan and Clara is palpable and unmistakable. In the climax scene for instance or the sheer familial comfort they are able to create when they Clara starts speaking about that the accident was not at all Stan’s Fault. It’s the chemistry that doesn’t hit you in the jaw but is muted, subdued and lingering.

It’s interesting to see how Stan fits into a set- up he has never really belonged to. The lead actor begins as a simple man but settles down to a more mature performance. Clara returns as if she had always missed the warmth of love and her acting spontaneity is something you will really love. Literally the story is the runaway of the film.

The semblance of integrity, heightened sensibilities, and a well thought out / researched plot made the film successful. The collective skills of leads alone have ensured cinematic brilliance coupled with the experience of the director the film can attract everyone who loves romantic dramas.

The majority of the movie has been shot in both black and white and the ending is shot in color. The director is an avid fan of Shakespeare, metal music, anime, comic books, movies, reading, hockey, traveling, and horseback riding. Her likings are well reckoned in her film, and the way she projects the life of two people who were and are still in love.

I believe the movie is a must watch for everyone who loves romantic movies.


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