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We can see a spark of Gandhian Philosophy in Parviz Batada’s short film “JAWAAB LA-JAWAAB”. The spreading of a universal idealism is a wonderful effort in this 15-minutes film. It reflects the rich artistic and social motto of the Director. To get the glimpse of this art behind the film, we decided to talk to Parviz Batada.

CULT CRITIC – Parviz, what was the initial inspiration to make a film on Gandhi?

Parviz: In the childhood, I had heard this story on the humorous nature of
Mahatma Gandhi. After finishing the basic course of film making few years back at AHMEDABAD MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION with the coordinator Ms.
Malti Mehta, with a view to participate in the Diamond Jubilee Arts
International film Festival organized by our community in the honor of
our religious leader His Highness the Agakhan IV for completing his 60
years of Imamat, this film was made.

CULT CRITIC – What would you say is the main story and point of the film? Gandhi’s simplistic philosophy or anything more?

Parviz: Exhibiting the simplicity of Gandhi with his sense of humor in his
reply of travelling by the middle class when almost all the leaders used
to travel by the higher class.

CULT CRITIC – You use flashbacks in the film. How come you decided upon using flashbacks instead of a more a linier storyline? What is your thought behind it? 

Parviz: It is essential to make the viewers aware about the main story line
either by voice over commentary or by dramatic situation that delivers
the dialogues and takes the audience to the main story. According to
me, back flash is more effective way in order to depict the same.

CULT CRITIC –  Would you please tell us how did you start your filmmaking journey? 

Parviz: Since my childhood, I have been very much fond of films as I am
of an opinion that audio visual is the most powerful tool to tell a story to
the crowd more interestingly. Though, being an insurance & investment
advisor by profession, I had never thought in the past that I would be a
film-maker in future.

CULT CRITIC – JAWAAB LA-JAWAAB has some astonishing editing. As a director, what do you look for in an editor for your movies? What are the top qualities of a great film editor? 

Parviz: Film has been edited by Ms. Dhara Shah who was a faculty during
my course of Film Production and Management at AMA, Ahmedabad.
She is a freelance editor with more than 25 years of experience in film
editing, working with organizations like Doordarshan, DECU-ISRO,
EMMRC, and many other well-known film-makers.

Time and rhythm are two major editorial concerns. A good film will have graph that takes audience through ups & downs, fast & slow sequences and that’s the responsibility of a good editor. Ms. Dhara,understanding and accepting her responsibility, had remained present during whole indoor as well as outdoor shooting of the film so that she could justify the editing portion of the film very well.

CULT CRITIC -Tell us a bit about your future. What are your upcoming projects?

 Parviz: In near future, there is no planning of any project. But, after some
time, if sufficient funds are made available, a Gujarati feature film with
“A” Certificate for 18+ audience is planned that would be enjoyed and
remembered for years by the peoples.

CULT CRITIC – What message would you like to deliver for the indie film-makers of this time?

Parviz: If you are really passionate for the project you have decided in
your mind, and your intention is good, don’t worry about how it would
be achieved. Just let the people know about your dream and the whole
universe will come forward to help you in every way and you will see the
task being possible.


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