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Directed by Dhiraj Bakshi/ Reviewed by Biplab Das

Jaan-E-Jigar has all the ingredients that audience demands. It is a gripping tale of love and passion. The film invokes all the facets of human emotion that audience posses. As a social drama, it has been supremely successful in portraying the intricacies of love and passion. There are lots of turns in the story which make it worth watching multiple times. Apart from love affairs, the film has an extremely complicated but riveting spy stories that give the film a different angle. There is political materials in the film is also present.

The audience will get every aspect of a multi-starrer entertainment film. The film has the quotients of drama, love affair, passion, politics and actions. People who enjoy romance drama will love it wholeheartedly. The film has some striking dialogues which will be able to grab the cheers of the people. The film also has some bold dialogues.  Few may agree or disagree with it but no one will be able to ignore them. The film has some great action thrills that will attract many people. The action sequences are well performed. It is really interesting to see a film that has all the ingredients in one.

The writer of the film Dhiraj Bakshi has done a great work in collating all aspects of filmmaking into one. It is no doubt that he raised the issue of the antagonism through his film. The most important part is the way he chooses the characters name. Name of the characters are really unique in his film. The research that he made to write the film is requires appreciation. The way Mr. Bakshi unpeeled the characters is worth watching on the screen. The film has an ensemble cast. Many multi-starrer films fail to attract the audience with its story line. But this film is different. It has a staggering story line.

As I said the film has several plots under the main plot. These plots are woven in such good style that it keeps you hooked all the time. The main protagonist of the film has all the qualities of being a lover but he still needs more women to lead his life. At times, people may think him as a lecherous person but in if you dig deep he is an honest person. Thought the primary setting of this film is set in India but the location of the film revolves around across the world. The plot has all the quotient of a multi-starrer blockbuster. The entertainment value of the film is really high but that doesn’t mean the director has compromised with the artistic aspect of filmmaking. The simplicity in storytelling along with complex structuring of the characters is the two most important pillars of the film. While watching the film as an audience, you will get immersed with the story. The storyline of the film is the most interesting part.

The central idea of the film is really fascinating. The character of the protagonist of the film is doubly enjoyable. There are multiple layers in his character. He has so thriving presence in the film that audience may feel to ignore other characters. However, other characters in the film also have good presence. I think the way the film has portrayed the fight scene is really commendable. The love for nation has also been depicted. Considering the current political climate, the film has clicked in right time. The magnificence of the film is another moot point of this film. The picturesque locations are another highlighting point of the film.

My opinion about the film is that it is for everyone. I would give 4 stars out of 5 to the film. It is going to be the film of this winter. Bakshi’s vision is truly excellent. Don’t miss this film.


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