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Lisa Solotsinskya


“Having gained the necessary experience, the inconceivable becomes conceivable. Therefore, don’t be afraid and if you are afraid, do it anyway. There are no obstacles.” – Lisa Solotsinskya

By Yubo Fernandez
Image (above), Russian filmmaker Lisa Solotsinskya

Cult Critic’s Yubo Fernandez had an opportunity to reach out to Lisa Solotsinskya from Moscow, Russia. A 27 year old filmmaker who debuted her first short film ”The Tress of Hair” at the Calcutta International Cult Film Festival this year. Lisa was awarded Best Women’s Film for the month of February. Here’s what she had to say about the catharsis of her short film, as well as her dynamic within the metaphysical attributes of the creative spirit.

Yubo Fernandez: Hi Lisa! I personally want to congratulate you for this amazing piece of art “The Tress of Hair”. Can you tell us about the influence of the French Novelist and Short Story Writer Guy De Maupassant in this particular work?
Lisa Solotsinskya: I’m a person who always looks for new states of consciousness and who likes experiencing everything on the very deep and subtle level, therefore Maupassant’s “Tress of Hair” became for me the endless spring in cognition of myself and the world. The story is so close to me that before the shooting I was about to go to Paris on Montparnasse to the burial place of Guy de Maupassant, to ask for blessing for the shooting of the movie. I stayed in Moscow and felt energetic support of inhuman power at the certain moment.
Movie was shot in a mystical way, the Universe managed and guided me, the movie was growing itself and I was just a guide and a brush in the hands of Higher forces. Everything turned perfect. Guy de Maupassant and the story «Tress of the hair» taught me to feel deeply and love totally what I really like, independent on the opinion of society. The story «Tress of the hair» showed me how bright the colors of ocean inside me, helped me to make very important decision in my life: to be myself or to be a crowd. Guy de Maupassant gave me absolutely all tones of knowledge, necessary for me for that period.

Q: Is this your first film?
A: Yes, I consider “Tress of The Hair” as my first movie.

Q: Does your life style (Vegan and Yoga teach, awaken, spiritual) has something to do with the deep travel to the consciousness, psyche and past life of your character?
A: Spiritual way and self-knowledge returned to the origins, to your nature. Through the practices with body and mind we recall and recreate our real portrait. When we are in our place, we are always free and absolutely happy. Returning to Yourself is a deep life long trip.

Q: How  is the independent film industry in Russia for your filmmakers?
A: In Russia, as in another countries, there is auteur, independent cinema and commercial one. I consider cinema as art, such cinema is independent on cinema industry and state. It is created since the process of its conception itself is wonderful. Such cinema is created as informational and sensual shot into the space. Eventually, child of love is born – art masterpiece. And material elements are not important here, as a rule, for such movies everything necessary is found. Such divine creations pass a big Way together with the author and after their termination, they undergo test on the truthfulness and independence from the opinion of experts, critics and authorities. Such movies don’t have a term, since their value doesn’t depend on traditions and citizenship or even time. As you can see, such cinema is independent. This very kind of cinema one can by right call the CINEMA. Dependency appears when the movie is created for the sake of some profit, such movies are fiction. (And to tell you the truth, I’m not interested to speak about such movies.)

Q: What is the most important quality a filmmaker needs to accomplish his or her work?
A: Believe in yourself and in your dream is the main quality. Believe forms image in the subtle world and action embodies it in the matter.

Q: What do you think is the biggest obstacle for a filmmaker?
A: The main obstacle is the belief that there are big obstacles. There is absence of experience, therefore, unknown environment can seem inconceivable. Having gained necessary experience, the inconceivable becomes conceivable. Therefore, don’t be afraid, and if you are afraid, do it anyway. There are no obstacles.

Q: Who inspires you and why?
 A: I’m inspired by all (or self)-sufficient people. An all-sufficient person is a free person.

Q: Favorite movies?
A: I have many favorite movies. I will write those that I would watch again with pleasure. “Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus” by Steven Shainberg, “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” by Michel Gondry, “Leon” by Luc Besson, “Fifth Element” by Luc Besson, “Howl’s Moving Castle” by Hayao Miyazaki, “Spirited Away” by Hayao Miyazaki and “Avatar” by James Cameron.

Q: Any plans on making The Tress of Hair into a feature film?
A: Yes, there is a possibility that there will be feature-length version.

Q: One more question please if you would, before we say good-bye: What message would you impart to young filmmakers?
A: Believe in Yourself, love Yourself, make Yourself.

Thank you again, Lisa Solotsinskya for sharing your candid insights with us. We look forward to seeing more of your work in the near future!


Cult Critic Film Magazine: Yubo FernandezYubo Fernandez is an Actress, Writer, Producer, Director and the Founder and President of Obuy Films. She lived in NYC, attended Atlantic Film School Workshops and returned to study cinematography at Santo Domingo’s Altos de Chavon School and studied under Claude Kerven, Chair of the Filmmaking Department at New York Film Academy. “How Do We kill Luisa”, “Peldanos de Dolor” and “Constanza” are three films that she’s produced. Yubo is also featured in several films from the Dominican Republic.


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