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I’m Straight | An Interview With Joshua Lovett

I felt that the Black community needed to be reminded of the power we possess and the things we can accomplish if we stick together – Joshua Lovett


CULT CRITIC : You are a student of Media Arts and has completed your graduation from Middle Tennessee State University. How does the passion for filmmaking grew within yourself?

JOSHUA : My passion continues to grow from the unconditional love that I have for movies and short films in general. Therefore, I am always looking for ways to improve myself and value in the field.

CULT CRITIC : What is your favorite genre for filmmaking?

JOSHUA : Supernatural Horror

CULT CRITIC : You had done many collaborations during your grads with many reputable people. Tell us your experience about those collaborations.

JOSHUA : Although I have worked with legendary rap artists from Soulja Boy to Drake, my best experiences are with the MTSU Film Guild which involved us winning the Middle TN 48 hour Film festival for Best Student Film two years in a row. We also won the BEA ON LOCATION Award of Excellence the following year for Best Student Faculty Video. All these experiences have prepared me to work efficiently with major television network’s such as ABC and ESPN in multiple high budgeted projects. Furthermore, it eventually led me to work with Famous film directors such as Anthony Mandler who directed the Film “Monster” on Netflix and film composer Steven Tobi from the infamous alternative rock group “The Nearly Deads”.

CULT CRITIC : Apart from filmmaking, you had worked in music entertainment world too. So, how come the passion of music came?

JOSHUA: My passion for music came both from my older brother and current business partner Royce Massengill. I have always been fascinated with Audio period. My relaxing moments in my daily life involve me just sitting back listening to a song and imagining a scene in my head. Frankly, I dream of making movies 24/7 when I’m not watching them.

CULT CRITIC : You are planning for a Horror platform for African Americans and Filipinos in the Southern Region. Can you say something about it?

JOSHUA : I am in the process of working with members from the local Filipino and Black film communities to collaborate and produce more Southern horror films in the Middle TN area. We currently have documentaries set to be released and distributed through Amazon Prime.

CULT CRITIC : How did the storyline of the movie “I’m Straight” come to your mind?

JOSHUA : The storyline was solely based around the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States and social issues that occur in my old neighborhoods. I felt that the Black community needed to be reminded of the power we possess and the things we can accomplish if we stick together.

CULT CRITIC : Tell us some memorable/ funny incidents during the shooting.

JOSHUA : The best experience was the post production process when we had to rearrange the score of the song. This is what I feel took the film out of the cliché music video realm.

CULT CRITIC : Congratulations for your another film “The Helmet (2020)” which has won many awards in several film festivals. According to you, what are the threats that an independent filmmaker is facing due this pandemic situation? And how those threats could be recovered?

JOSHUA : I see no threats just more opportunities to get your work out there.

CULT CRITIC : What do you suggest to the young filmmakers for making good films?

JOSHUA : Be persistent, collaborate more, and network as much as possible. Remember that your network is your net worth!

CULT CRITIC : Last but not the least, please let us know something regarding your upcoming projects.

JOSHUA: I am working on a Horror / Thriller online series called the Hit List. The pilot episode has been selected and nominated for Best Online Series in a few film festivals already. Stay tuned!


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