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Directed by Tony Paganelli/ Reviewed by Aindrila Chatterjee

The title of the film “IL CRIMINE NON PAGA” means “CRIME NEVER DIES”. The word crime is derived from the Latin word “root cernō” which means “I decide, I give judgment”. Originally the Latin word “crīmen” meant “charge” or “cry of distress.” The Ancient Greek word “κρίμα”, “krima”, from which the Latin cognate derives, refers to an intellectual mistake or an offense against the community, rather than a private or moral wrong. Italy holds the 8th position in Europe. Italy holds 8th position in Europe in crime records. Like other countries in Italy too “Crime” comes in several forms like murder, sexual violence, corruption, and several more….

 “IL CRIMINE NON PAGA” is a short film under crime – thriller genre. The film describes the story of a woman who was raped at an early age and thus chose the path of crime for revenge. The story evolves around Samantha Gerini, criminal boss as well a scholar of art, history and archeology. She hires a gang to commit her crimes and to take revenge of the injustice that was happened with her. She along with her gang chalk out a plan and finds a woman naming Jessica Balducci. She forces the manager of a renowned IT company named Bound Elektronik to steal an IT project – “Thunder” by kidnapping her daughter, Jennifer. She forces the manager to steal the IT project. Knowing that the project was prepared by Mrs. Balducci two special Police officers – Roberto and Marika becomes her shadow. They are following her every moves in details and found that the a woman naming Samantha took that “Thunder” project from her keeping her daughter as a hostage. Samantha is selling that project to a lady stranger who is her boss. The two police officers found that Samantha will earn a lot of money by selling the IT project to her lady boss. She will then start a new life by escaping abroad with that money. The Police Special Forces discover all her misdeeds, done to take revenge on the rape. But ultimately will they able to arrest her and make Jennifer free from her hostage? Or will Samantha be able to sell the project to her lady boss and will she be able to take her revenge and start a new life? The climax lies in the end itself.

The director of the film “IL CRIMINE NON PAGA”, Tony Paganelli was born in Turin on January 29, 1958. The Italian director is expert in the thriller and action genre, as well as he is an actor and screenwriter too. He has several films and short films to his credit which includes The Predator, Soulless Hearts, A Light in the Wall of Darkness, The Formula, The Dark Good, Zenobia – the bloodline, Dangerous Game and many others. His short crime thriller “IL CRIMINE NON PAGA” becomes the monthly winner of Cult Critic Movie Awards.

One can view criminalization as a procedure of deploy by the society as a preemptive harm-reduction device, using the threat of punishment as a deterrent to anyone proposing to engage in the behavior causing harm. Here in this short film, the director Tony shows us the form of crime which includes kidnapping, theft etcetera that is born from a crime itself. The title of this film is apt because people start doing crimes one after another in order to take revenge of the previous ones and thus it never ends.


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