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Humari Khushboo

Directed by Azad Jain | Reviewed by Tanusri Tarafder
What would be the best subject to film and showcase to an audience? Well, critics around the world would pick up different topics for sure, which is obvious! A lot of them would go for various daily happenings to be recorded and displayed to an audience.

We are not talking about any complicated abstract film theory or any deep-rooted concept. But a film made on something very mundane – an occurrence in our daily lives relating to the conventional forms of occupation, communication, and problem solving.

This film is based on a very common but an extremely embarrassing moment for us. It is the act of Farting! Yes, you read that right, and here lies the first surprise in “Humari Khushboo”. The apt naming of the film starts making sense and shows the tongue in cheek humor of the director Dr. (Er) Azad Jain – one of the flag bearers of the latest Indian cinematic age.

The film starts and we see the team leader of the office discussing with his MD about their next presentation and we come to know that one of their employees, Khushboo who is in charge of this presentation is on leave. In the next shot, we see this employee’s house where Khushboo is busy serving a hot and spicy breakfast to her father (played by Azad Jain himself). Azad has always been comfortable and calm in front of the lenses, similarly to his abilities behind the screen.

Well, after finishing the breakfast with a bang, Khushboo has engaged herself in making a presentation that needs to be crafted before the coming working day for a very, very important business client!

Remembering Khusboo’s childhood days, her father bids her good night so that his daughter could sleep soundly before her essential office assignment! A classic Indian parent, isn’t it?

Why is “Humari Khushboo” distinct and unique from others? It is because it ventures into embarrassing territories which we are all scared of – the social faux pas we try to avoid. Khushboo goes to office and nothing happens according to plan and gets quite worse for her!

The cinematic elements of this film – beginning from the smooth camera movements, beautiful frames to the professionally designed sets – everything has been arranged perfectly. Be it the unique subject line, effortless screenplay, an appropriate casting, music and a beautiful romantic dream sequence in office, the film “Humari Khushboo” would be a good choice for a family watch; as it is quite an enjoyable watch. Another unique work from

Azad Jain and team, who once again touches on everyday issues which we are all aware of and still tend to overlook and avoid; trying to fit into a mold for society.

Tanusri Tarafder is a Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication from Jadavpur University, Kolkata. She is enthusiastic about movies, photography and hosting live events. Tanusri is currently working as the Director of Kolkata United Cine Community where she is engaged in film preservation and archiving.


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