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Directed by Sebastian Rico / Reviewed by Riya Saha

Movie magic happens in an instant. It’s an alchemy of elements that, for whatever reason, creates something much more valuable than the pieces themselves. But if there’s one thing we know movie magic does not require, it’s a lot of time.

Similarly, Hairless is a 1-minute movie that deals with insecurity where an insecure boyfriend shaves his chest thinking his girlfriend wants him to manscape. This short can make you laugh with its humorous element, the facial expression of the actors especially “Mitch”. I particularly loved the music used in the film to explain the whole concept.

Falling in love with someone means leaping faith and sharing our most intimate things. That’s why some people experience insecurity in love. Because loving is trusting, letting yourself go, and opening up to another person. Therefore., if you are insecure about some facts you must openly communicate about it. But the insecurity Mitch goes through is rather funny.

Sadly, it’s normal to see women struggling with their image and self-esteem. There’s so much pressure everywhere to look a certain way, only intensified by magazine covers and Instagram. But it’s not just women feeling insecure about their bodies – it’s men, too. So many men worry about the way they look. They see toned, muscular men on the front of magazines, men pushing out their chests in gym selfies. Those who aren’t ripped are left to feel rubbish. As if they’re not good enough.

Mitch when he feels ignored by his girlfriend Becky came up with the thought that the reason he is ignored must be his chest hair as he does not look toned just like the men in the pictures. And probably if he removes his chest hairs his girlfriend will again get attracted to him. But the funny part is when he comes in front of her she gest surprised, and when he asks her that she liked it or not, Becky replies “Do you like it?”

We need to acknowledge that just like Mitch men struggle with their confidence. But there are other ways of dealing with insecurity. The more you feel unable to speak out about how you feel, it will lead to another issue.

This masterpiece is an audiovisual ode to men dealing with insecurity. No matter if you are into a happy relationship or not, do not prioritize things that you do not like. The dynamic cuts and poetic voice-over text are supporting the intense but funny graphics. These elements create together a dramatic narrative that leaves the viewer breathless by the end of the clip.

It has got a simple, slightly predictable, concept that needs very few words to be understood, and no location change to stay interesting. Even though there is only a minute to tell a story, the movie takes time for harmonic shots and transitions and focuses instead on the music. The pacing of this clip might seem a little jolting and the ending is awesome, overall it is an emotionally jarring piece.

Sebastian Rico manages to keep the attention and curiosity of the audience in this film and make the viewer follow the actor on his seemingly important mission which is shaving his chest hair. The punchline, in the end, comes unexpectedly supported by the matching sound effect.


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