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Guido Maria Giordano

Interview: Guido Maria Giordano – Writer of 1000 – Sword in the Stone

Interview done by Sara Eustaquio

[dropcap]G[/dropcap]uido Maria Giordano is an award-winning screenwriter who after managing to get almost any degree he possibly could, decided to move to his true love – writing fiction. His latest book/screenplay titled 1000 – A Sword in a Stone is a stunning medieval adventure that practically manages to reconstruct a centuries-old tale to its last details. In the interview, we had to pleasure to get some insight from the writer himself.

1. What is the biggest challenge in writing a script set in the Medieval Era?

First of all, the fact that we must identify ourselves with the characters and circumstances of the
time, thinking of a lifestyle that is totally devoid of comfort or modern technology. Then, one can
also sense a more human dimension, full of visceral feelings and values.

However, the biggest effort is certainly to faithfully replicate the historical reality, myths and local legends, avoiding errors and omissions as much as possible. In this, “1000: The Sword in the Stone” stands out for its originality.

2. The story is based on the original Italian novel “1000 – Il Druido, la Spada e il corvo”. Besides that, what inspired you to write the script?

Mainly the challenge to bring into theaters a multidimensional experience of life in homage to the strength, courage and love for life that our ancestors had.

3. What does it feel like to see your work being brought to life in 2019, with the movie 1000: Sword in the Stone?

I feel thrilled and very proud of it.

4. In 1000 – The Sword in the Stone, is there a character that you feel more personally attached to?

Yes, it is Iacintus, whose character is inspired by my beloved grandfather.

5. What was your favorite part of the writing process?

Writing the dialogue development.

6. Do you have future projects lined up?

Yes. The second and the third book of my Medieval series “1000”.

7. What is your advice for young screenwriters?

Write, re-write, re-re-write, accept various setbacks and failures as valuable opportunities for improvement and above all never give up!

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