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Directed by Jayne Slater and Kathryn Gee  |  Review by Riya Saha

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ith balance so easily able to falter, what does it take to make things right? A journey into the world of ‘Gorge’ tells the tale of one man. Imbalance is his downfall. Equilibrium must be restored – a quote from ”Gorge”.

Directed by Kathryn Gee and Jayne Slater, “Gorge” has a deep meaning of equilibrium and how it affects our lives. On the other hand, it largely brings out how imbalance can be the cause of downfall. Throughout the movie, I didn’t necessarily recognize all the undercurrents in this sequence of ‘’Gorge’’, but I still knew, deep in my subconscious, that there was something truly disturbing about the lead actor.

This movie is surely an amazing creation and it depicts how finding equilibrium in life is really important for our well-being. A life that has no rules offers no happiness. If greed guides your actions, the people involved in your life will be affected by that. However, as long as you’re willing to accept the often awful consequences of such behavior, you can keep walking down that road. The director emphasizes that if you follow certain rules in your life, your days will be certainly fruitful, happy and safe. By carefully choosing individual cases, the filmmaker clarifies various human issues and points out at good ways to solve them. In the end, we witness the rise and fall of our great protagonist and the possible ways of saving him.

There are no surprises for anyone who has seen many spine-tinglers, but to Jayne Slater and Kathryn Gee, the second half of the story goes full blast at the spooky. An intriguing man, helpless child and the protagonist find themselves by the river. “Gorge” is one of a kind movie and one should definitely stop and take time to watch it while flipping through various fantasy movies. The movie is irresistible — the clothes, that giant dining table filled with delicious dishes, chocolate cakes and of course, the notoriously over-the-top performance from the lead actor! After all, he is told to play the demanding role of utter excitement and greed. So why shouldn’t he want it all?

Humans are uncontrollable, they are greedy and they want power. Once you get money, you get power too. But no matter all these facts, you must have certain rules in your life. Otherwise, you can end up with the same consequences as the protagonist of ‘’Gorge’’.

In fact, the climax of this movie is one of the best executed attempts in special effects in recent times. Booming sound effects and blood all over the actors’ clothes will surely make you bite your nails in excitement! The background score is several cuts above the commonplace. Victoria Lucie has a striking screen presence and plays her role with absolute sincerity. She’s there only for a few seconds but her sensual yet spooky role is quite likable. If you’re into fantasy and horror, this movie is a very satisfying project.
Riya Saha is a Kolkata based writer, editor, journalist and cinephile. She has completed her masters with Journalism and Mass Communication from Calcutta University and currently working as a freelance journalist. Having a great interest in world cinema made Riya join Human Lab Corporation. She is passionate about setting goals and achieving them. She enjoys reading, writing, travelling, socializing and meeting people. She is also very fond of watching International movies.

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