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Golden Fox Awards 2020


The 3rd Annual event of Calcutta International Cult Film Festival(CICFF) i.e., Golden Fox Awards 2020 was held on 27th January 2020 in front of the LIVE audience. Like every year, this year too the event was held at Rotary Sadan, Kolkata. The red carpet commences from 9 AM in the morning followed by the photo sessions. People from all over the world came to the City Of Joy to join the event and make it a huge one.

We received submissions of more than 5000 films from 150 countries and around 100 delegates from all over the world mainly US, France, Germany, China, Japan, Norway, and Azerbaijan and screened 75 films from 50 countries. We had judges from 30 countries who intricately selected the best films that would receive the awards. More than 20 films were screened during the event. The presence of all these eminent personalities, the Golden Fox Awards 2020 became a successful one.

There were a variety of genres like Documentary Films, Narrative Feature, Short Films, Debut Filmmaker, LGBTQ, Best Actor/Actress, Mobile Film, Drone Film, Film on Religion, Film on Disability Issue, Film on Nature and many more.. Even there were scripts for which people came from Nigeria to join us. Though many are professionally different, for many there were huge economic crisis to complete a film, yet they don’t stop making films. It is their love for the film which makes them one.

The annual event starts with the inauguration done by the lamp lightning by the team followed by the film screenings. After every screening there was a LIVE interactive sessions by many independent filmmakers from across the globe with media, poets and various other eminent personalities who can exchange their views related to filmmaking.

The most glamorous event i.e., the award ceremony for the winning films in different categories was held in the evening. Among many nominees in 50 categories, the best of the best came out. The international juries from around 30 countries scrutinized the films and then the Winner was enveloped. It was a nail biting event for the audiences which includes filmmakers, directors, actors, script-writers, photographers, doctors and many.

According to the Festival Director, Ananya Jana, “The sole purpose of CICFF is to develop a film culture that inspires and brings together cross-cultural innovations that enrich people lives with entertainment and services that inform, educate and entertain.”

This inspiration will make Calcutta International Film Festival  run a long race in future. You can check the festival clicking this link


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