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God Came ‘Round

God Came ‘Round

Directed by Derek Frey | Review by Nabadipa Talukder

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he existential angst of all human beings is what “God Came ‘Round” conveys and deals with, throughout the wider section of the plot, and this is something that connects us through the regular humdrum affairs of our lives. Directed by Derek Frey, “God Came ‘Round” is a story of the dramatic turnout of a man and his love life being the baseline of the story. The story focuses on how to romanticize with the unachievable with wisdom taking its responsibility when everything turns topsy-turvy. Sandeep (played by Deep Roy), who portrays all honest emotions of joy, sorrow, anxiety, despair and gives in to being patient and returns to his normal life after his anticipated venture with the girl he dotes on takes an unfortunate turn.

What’s striking is that Sandeep (Deep Roy), who is a flower seller, looks for hope each day through his fantasies so much so that he starts to think he has imaginary friends. An alien visits him, even though he is left disappointed by previous day’s circumstances; to try and yet learns to take each day at a time but real life hits him straight and optimism leaves his side. He is visited by his conscience in the form of God to be reminded of his nugatory trials.

The editing and the cinematography with its sheer excellence make the music video hit all the right chords of emotions. Through the expertise of the director, the story is knit into a sublime emotional tragedy. It seeks the attention of all lost and forlorn in love and the particular scene I fell in love with is the one where the protagonist who offers each passerby roses to buy for a dollar. We see how a simple rose is ignored by them which would hardly cost them a buck. This emotional paramount wraps us sentimentally and shoots us back to reality. A topic so versatile yet so unexplored; most of the time, we choose to neglect ourselves because of others and seek happiness through bleak and unrealistic desires. Seen wonderfully executed here is the constant war between our inner and outer world and our consciousness gripping us with questions of who we really want to be.
God Came Round 3
Brilliant acting is done by Deep Roy, who suits the role perfectly with his sensitive performance. But what turns to leave a spectator confused is how abruptly the plot ends. The depth of the whole story lies in how the character would have handled the entire situation which is compromised in the climax. Nonetheless, the question remains: how we want to spend our lives; to waste it away just to get what we want the most or be content with what we already have and find bliss in it. Overall, it is a warm film, laying all the fundamentals of emotions, with layers of stories which sends up a message that no matter what you have to stand up for yourself; you are your own Savior and you have to find your own bliss.


Dr. Nabadipa Talukder is a doctor by profession with a passion for creative writing and has been into digital content writing for almost 5 years now. She practiced as a dental professional for two years in Kolkata before she quit her job in order to pursue a career in writing. Nabadipa was exposed to the freedom to write for various fronts which opened up her mind and introduced her to the world of screenplay and script writing. She wishes to travel and understand various cultures and wishes to write their stories.

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