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Give + Take

Give + Take

Directed by Armand Hamouth  |  Review by Ananya Jana

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]urvivor has very little to ride on; succumbing to action-genre-conformism, the film almost takes itself too seriously in a genre that works best when it doesn’t belittle the intelligence of its audience. A movie so full of ludicrous plotting and stilted exposition that it almost works as an accidental comedy. And then, it hits you in the head. It’s is a comedy hidden in a comedy.

The audience might like the relationship between Maggie and Gerry. Each piece has new problems, and each is different. They’re all an indentured servitude. There’s that domination that you have to put yourself under. It’s a give and take. There is work involved, and during that time, the greatest things are revealed.

For individuals, work is an important feature in structuring: personal and social identity; family and social bonds; ways of making money, and thereby accessing a number of essential and non-essential goods, services and activities; daily routines; level of activity; physical and mental well-being; self-confidence and self-esteem; a sense of self-worth provided by the feeling of contributing to society or the common good.

For societies, work is an important feature in promoting community cohesion and safety; increasing civic participation; reducing public spending in a range of welfare benefits (provided, of course, that work is performed in a decently paid job); promoting social and economic development; organizing social life at a macro level It is widely acknowledged, then, that work plays a positive role as a source of well-being and social.

The Give + Take is impressively cast, beautifully styled, dynamically shot and powerfully edited. However, the standout feature of the film has to be its all-encompassing success as an adaptation. The entire film ends with a happy mode and creates a refreshing mood and the audience feels happy and feels a fresh ambiance after watching the whole segment of the story. Everyone else in the cast is pitch-perfect and the director of the film Armand Hamouth portrays every bit of the film very dramatically perfect.

Each new day brings with it an important choice: either we fill it with our best or we allow it to slip away. There is no other option—the hours are going to pass anyway. Choosing to work hard makes the most of them.


Ananya Jana finished her master degree in Journalism and mass communication. She is the event coordinator. She loves to explore different genres of movie. She is a passionate writer and believes that real writing equals authentical writing without the veneer and excuses in order to reach the audience at a heart level. She believes that when she writes she comes alive and the energy zaps. Her passion for writing focuses on character-driven plotlines.

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