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Geneva Jacuzzi’s Casket



Directed by Chris Friend

If VFX and sci-fi is your mojo, then this short music video cum movie written and directed by Chris Friend is going to be a mind-boggling treat for you. Maybe this is going to be the first-ever musical bonanza that will leave you satisfied. Now before you think to dedicate some of your precious few minutes to watch this movie, let me tell you that this can either be an exciting or a boring experience for you. For VFX addicts, Geneva Jacuzzi’s Casket is a thorough tutorial video.

The movie takes us to a fantasy world featuring Geneva Jacuzzi as Kate Shaw and also herself as the Pleasure-U BioDrone and their shifting equation. The movie starts with unfolding various layers of a completely different world driven by technology and AI. 

While watching you may recall some scenes from the Terminator franchise, a vision of the futuristic world controlled more by the robots than human. But the only twist here is the music and the VFX that gives you the vibe of watching a sci-fi music video with a story-line. 

The director introduces us to the story by making a smart move with a tab featuring the word connecting. This scene is like the introductory part in the commercial movies that initiates the storytelling. Here we see a super busy Kate Shaw taking orders and getting the shipment ready to be delivered to the clients across this planet and to the outer world as well. To get her job done easier and faster she has a bio drone as her trusted assistant.

The shipments consist of experimental emote cartridges which shows that the future world dated forward to 2066 AD is devoid of human emotions and are ordering emotions online. With so many incoming orders, Kate Shaw is completely devastated as she fears not meeting the deadline. But the worst hit her hard when she discovered her only assistant the Pleasure-U BioDrone is developing some mental disorder. The video unveils this scene of the drone experiencing mental disease from its early stage of psycho germination. 

Helpless Kate with no other option left carries the drone to a mental prison with a prism-like setup to get it treated. But unfortunately, the condition deteriorates which turns the drone into a destroyer attacking even Kate. Here we see how a frightened Kate decides to sever the head of the BioDrone and keeps it separately in a bag and the body alive in the casket. The casket looks like a prism coffin that the director here has used to pay honour to the deceased drone. 

This award-winning short movie is a masterpiece of symbolic art films that narrates a gripping storyline through certain symbols without any human interaction or exchange of dialogues. However, in the case of Geneva Jacuzzi’s Casket, the offbeat music and VFX craftsmanship has done the job of storytelling, perfectly complemented by the expression of the lead actor. 

Before the story meets its end, we see how the amputated head of the Pleasure-U BioDrone in the bag is calling Kate and causing her strange visions. Some futuristic concept in the video like plant-based supercomputer has compelled me as an audience to research for the term and found it to be really amazing and eco-friendly. If we want to ensure a safe future for our next generation we need to invent new ideas to make this planet a safer place to live.

To get the underlying theme of this movie, you might have to rewind and click the play button for a few times. If you are a fan of symbolic art films then it would be easier for you to decode and enjoy the movie. Also, I have to mention and praise the amazing work of VFX that have lend this movie an interesting touch to freeze your screen time till the last minute. It can be a tutorial piece for the aspirants who are looking to deliver something magnificent with VFX. I will rate it 4/5 due to the complex theme but a tech musical treat to watch out for.


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