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Directed by Freddie Basnight

Let me start with ending. The film offers more. The film ends on a note that looks like there is more we can expect. Audience will feel that they’ve missed something. But this makes the short different from other films. It is factor that attracts audience to multiple viewing. It is a 12 minutes long short that deals with the life of a gangster. Audiences love this kind of ending. It is more of a short story kind of ending where you can’t predict the ending.

The film talks about the life of a gangster and his associates while they stay in prison. It is not a 100% crime-drama but the elements of crime are present in the film. The film also talks about the social elements present in the film. The film has perfectly shown how gangsters control the criminal world from prison. You won’t get to see much fight scenes as you expect from a typical gangster film. Few may call this film an out and out gangster film but I believe the director wanted to portray a social drama. It is interesting to see how the film has merged these two so efficiently and seamlessly that audience enjoys the film.

The director of the film is Freddie Basnight. Freddie has successfully directed a story that portrays the life of the gangsters. Freddie Basnight is a military veteran of the U.S. Army and served for 11 years in various duty stations across the world and USA. He has been acting professionally since 2016, but started his career path as a teenager growing up in Indiana, doing theatre plays, drama classes in middle school and high school, and has attended the New York Film Academy campus in Los Angeles for acting. The writer of the film Tiffany S Lewis has penned a unique story. It is quite evident that the film is well-researched and thorough. The cast of the film is huge and everyone has participated really well. But I would love to mention Jovan Luna’s acting who has done a tremendous job.

The story of the film is very simple. A successful businessman/drug kingpin is out on bail, awaiting trial for two murders he never committed and is trying to find out who accused him of the crimes. He also supplies cocaine to the top 1% in Los Angeles. The way story has been told is interesting. The ending of the film is the most interesting aspect of this film. You won’t able to predict the ending. The sheer unpredictability makes the film unique. I will not reveal what happens at the end but if you like twists then you will enjoy the film. The simplicity in storytelling is another highlighting point of this film.

This film will help you to understand how criminal world functions. The psychology of criminals has been well established in the film. The life inside prison has also been portrayed in the film. But the most interesting part is the portrayal how criminals locked inside prison control the criminal world outside the prison.

I would like to give the film 3 stars out of 5. The highlighting part of this film is the ending. I said this about earlier so I’m not going to repeat here. This film will stay with you even long after the film. I mean the story stays with you. Although the film is about criminal world but that doesn’t mean ordinary people will not like it. To sum it up, I would say that don’t miss this film. It’s a must watch.                                                                                                                                          


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