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Torikai Fujio

Interview: Torikai Fujio

Interview done by Aindrila Chatterjee

1. Being the winner of many awards all over the world, how do you feel?

Fujio: Regarding my emotions after getting these awards, I would say that the feeling of surprise was the strongest – I didn’t expect that Japanese screenwriting will be so appreciated around the world!

2.  I came to know that you studied at Meiji University. Tell us briefly about your field of study?
Fujio: I studied law at Meiji University. That’s why I wrote this scenario that deals with issues such as anger, theft, injury and various legal challenges.

3.  Your previous work “Wild Mind 1: The Memory of Watson” was a sci-fi one. Again, the script “To Live Beyond His Means” was also a sci-fi script. Is there any particular reason for sticking to the same genre?
Fujio: I stick to science-fiction because this incident has not been elucidated at the present time. “Wild Mind’’ and ‘’To Live Beyond His Means” were written based on the same incident.

4. When did you start writing scripts, at what age? Who was your inspiration?
Fujio: I started writing about 15 years ago. My script for “Wild Mind” was rather old and it was written in various interferences along the way. I was inspired by Paul Schrader’s ‘’Taxi Driver’’ and Stanley Kubrick’s ‘’Clockwork Orange.’’

5. How to make a short script powerful enough? What kind of things should be included or excluded from it, according to you?
Fujio: What I would like to recommend to young people is to write about their experiences. For example, the lyrics of Rolling Stones are written based on their experiences. When I was young, I didn’t know how to write a script properly, but I expanded my horizons by watching a lot of movies and dramas anyways. A short story should be based on a unique event and it is better to write it at the time one’s knowledge has accumulated.

6.  Your script “To Live Beyond His Means” is a suspense thriller. Let us know how could you connect a suspense thriller with a sci-fi one? How did this plot come to your mind at all?
Fujio: The inspiration was based on my parents and their story, as well as my personal experiences.

7. In this script, Abraham, Jack and Maggie are the main characters. Let us know a little bit more about them.
Fujio: Jack and Abraham will appear in the sequel, but Maggie will not.

8. Why did you choose an AV medium for your exposure? And what type of screenplay do you prefer – a Linear or a Non-Linear one?
Fujio : Cult Critic Magazine advocates humanism and human rights abuses such as the one I went through should be known around the world. My favorite script type is a Linear one.

9. Who are you favorite script writers and why?
Fujio: My favorite scriptwriters are Paul Schrader and Stanley Kubrick, because both of them wrote some cult pieces. Schrader has experienced the Vietnam War and he depicted the process of losing one’s mind in his ‘’Taxi Driver’’. In a similar vein, Kubrick handled the very difficult subject of brainwashing in his brilliant ‘’Clockwork Orange’’.

10. For all your fans and followers, tell us something about your next project.
Fujio: All I can reveal at the moment is that I want to write sequels for “Wild Mind’’ and ‘’To Live Beyond His Means”.

11. Does social media play an important role in connecting audiences with scriptwriters like you?
Fujio: Social media are related to building connections but also to entering competitions and winning international awards. Social media also give the audiences around the world the opportunity to read my screenplay. Again, thanks to these new media, even elderly people can apply to various contests nowadays from the comfort of their homes. I find all these points quite important!


“Glamour is not for us, it’s for others”. Hearing that Aindrila came into the world of media. Her struggle started from her college days. She loves to communicate with people. Adventure is her first love. Worked in many Bengali media houses like Aajkaal, SNews during and after her university days. She loves literature, drama, cinema, football, and cooking. She loves to learn new things daily. According to her, communication and books make a person more knowledgeable.

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