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Directed by Andres Ramirez Reviewed by Riya Saha

From Charlie, with Love is a silent love story directed by Andres Ramirez taking Charlie Chaplin as his inspiration. The film is set with beautiful aesthetics, a  beautiful lady, and an ambitious man all eager to impress the lady. The most interesting element of the movie is the piano play, which runs throughout the movie.

Chaplin, even in a time when voices could be added to movies, made it much more expressive. The cameras focused on his expressions and nonverbal communication. This was a huge impact on films and still is today. Many actors still cite Chaplin as their inspiration for a lot of their performances.

The lack of voices In From Charlie, with Love, meant that there had to be more expressive, but that didn’t keep the actors from acting in this play. Though there’s no voice the actor made it much more expressive. The cameras focused on his expressions and nonverbal communication. This was a huge impact on this film.

Director Andres Ramirez manages to infuse heart into his film. Though the story is simple, it all about Charlie an ambitious young man must go out of his comfort form to seduce Virginia and eventually earn her trust and heart. But during the 3:38 minutes run time, the complete focus was on the actor.

His expression, his moves was because of him that this movie was funny. His comedic timing is amazing and this is why “From Charlie, with Love” became more interesting. He has the potential to branch out into other characters if he was given the chance. His acting in “From Charlie, With Love”, CARRIED the entire film.

Charlie taught us the best ways to impress a  girl. A woman will decide relatively quickly whether or not you’re date-worthy, and all the little things you do or don’t do will help her make up her mind. Charlie’s smart tricks helped him to impress the girl. Charlie didn’t wait for an occasion, he just makes her feel special whenever possible. Girls have a very soft heart and Charlie’s tricks instantly melt her.

Flowers are always a girl’s favorite, and charily became charismatic and won her heart by gifting her a  bouquet. Also, she became someone she can depend on for anything.

What Charlie taught us is to be her “comfortable corner”. Yes, every girl needs a guy she feels comfortable with.

Filmmakers love toying with our minds. It’s what they do best if they’re good at their job. They can deploy any number of ways to manipulate the audience, whether it’s with camera angles, specific lenses, the lighting of the scene, or the actors’ movements — everything is meant to convey meaning. And nowhere, it could be argued, the choice of music heightens the meaning of the movie more.

Coming to the music, the piano tune has created the mood in the film. Kudos to the composer she did reflect the intended tone of the visuals. The music did not just convey the message but was the centerpiece of the whole movie.                                                                                                                                               


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