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Directed by Han Chen Chiu / Reviewed by Biplab Das

From outside it may look that Floriography. Gypsophila is a film about simple love stories but if you dive deep, it focuses on the importance of maintaining tradition and role of flower in a relationship. The film takes place inside a florist shop. The shop is run by a young man, referred in the film as Boss, who gets help from his two coworkers-a young girl, named Wei-Xi and a young man named A-Lun. Wei-Xi secretly loves her boss and A-Lun secretly loves the Wei-Xi l. The term Gypsophila means the supporting role in floriography but can also mean hidden, quite apt as you may understand.

Barring selling flowers and doing floriography, the shop also organizes events where they invite people and ask them to share their love stories. The film starts when the florist shop is getting prepared to host an event in which people will tell their love story and finally confess to Love Confession Wall- a section reserved for attendees inside the shop. Based on the stories, a person will do floriography- a cryptological communication through the use or arrangement of flowers.

The subject of the event was love. People shared their opinions about love. People talked about monogamous love, polygamous love, and so on so forth. But that’s not the point. However, before the start of the event, the owner of the shop, Boss, was awestruck seeing a girl, Zhi-Han, who came at the shop with the owner’s friend. Zhi-Han looked pensive, inattentive, and secluded. Boss felt something really magical seeing her but Zhi-Han didn’t bother to pay attention any to him. Wei-Xi noticed that her boss is not paying attention to her anymore. In addition with that A-Lun noticed that Wei-Xi is depressed and tried to console her. But Wei-Xi didn’t pay attention to him. She was consumed with the thought that why her Boss was not paying attention to her.

During the event, interesting things happened. Wei-Xi slipped but that didn’t excite her Boss. His primary intention remained the girl. On the other hand, A-Lun started doing all sorts of flattery to change the mood of Wei-Xi from sad to happy. At the event, everyone spoke and shared their love stories barring Zhi-Han. But it turned out to be that Zhi-Han was also aware of floriography which caught the attention of Boss. When Zhi-Han was asked to tell about her love story, she declined. Understanding the situation and Zhi-Han’s mood, Boss tries to win her heart by handing over the flower bouquet which was primarily designed by Zhi-Han. But poor him – Zhi-Han declined to accept it. The desperation to impress Zhi-Han was completely visible in Boss’s behavior. Watching the entire saga from a distance, Wei-Xi became more depressed and uncertain about her romantic future with Boss.

To add more twist into the story, A-Lun reveals to Wei-Xi that it was his birthday. To cheer her up, A-Lun gives Wei-Xi a diary to write. The main idea behind was that both will write their feelings and exchange with it each other after a month. Wei-Xi began writing the diary at home but at work, she remained inattentive understanding her boss is in love with Zhi-Han. A-Lun tried every trick to bring happiness on Wei-Xi’s face.

Meanwhile, one month has gone by. Wei-Xi slowly started being friendly with A-Lun. One day, Wei-Xi brought the diary to the shop, so was A-Lun. From A-Lun’s diary, Wei-Xi got to know that A-Lun loves her. A-Lun proposed to Wei-Xi and in-return she kisses A-Lun. On the other, Zhi-Han visited the shop to learn floriography from the owner of the shop. Eventually, they fell in love.

The movie is about flowers. How flowers speak the language of love and ease out the pain of words that were unspoken. Floriography. Gypsophila is an excellent take by director Han Chen Chiu who wanted to bring back traditional ways of expressing love and affection. Love can be hidden but can’t remain hidden forever.


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