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Directed by Maria Alexea / Reviewed by Triptayan Chatterjee

An incredible definition of Cinema. An amalgamation of every part of art and culture, reflecting it with it’s own cinematic action, has been entirely successful in the film FAUST, A RETURN OF THE FUTURE by Maria Alexea. Based on the theme of the Poet Goethe’s great work, FAUST, the film has tried to analyze the modern world in it’s unique approach. The linear plots of the film has been wonderfully woven with the symbolism. Maria has proved that film language is still the last word of a good film. No film can get a place in history without it’s symbolic impression.

The storyline of FAUST, A RETURN FROM THE FUTURE has a contemporary background, but the society around us has been explained with the symbolic representation through dance, painting and other branches of arts. Another aspect of the film is it’s wonderful editing and acting. Without the proper editing, the film couldn’t be a successful one. Maria has made it a real cinema with her all efforts. FAUST, A RETURN FROM THE FUTURE has actually been a poetic presentation, which is a unique idea in the world of indie cinema.  Here is Maria’s success.

The theme of Goethe revolves around attaining the real knowledge for a disconnected scholar, through a relationship with a demon. The German legend thus came into existence with respect to the ever true psychology of human being. Here in FAUST, A RETURN FROM THE FUTURE also reflects the same. A creator learns here the bitter truth of life through the relationship with a human demon. Maria has proved the thought universal. And this universality has made her film another universal creation. It depicts, every person should have a lesson through his or her activities in this corporal world. This is the real education which is not at all bookish. In the film, the storyline evolves around a film-maker and an agent. The agent cheats her with his sweet words and smashes her in her carrier. He plays with her dream, with her creation. In the legendary films so far created in the history, an universal appeal always has been there. In this film, this never-ending question has been repeated again and again.  In this context FAUST, A RETURN FROM THE FUTURE has been really a wonderful cinematic creation.

The story line basically tells a spontaneous incident that generally takes place in human society. A film-maker falls in a trap by a publicity agent and gets smashed. The up and downs of the events have taken place on the base of this story line. But we can not take it as a mere story. Director has not told only a story of modern days. The message is there that the agent is the demon of poet Goethe. And along with the film maker is actually the disconnected scholar like the poet. The scholar, in touch of demon, is learning the lesson of the life in a unique way. The cinematography of this film is clean and clear. No extravaganza has been observed here. The angle of the camera is measured delicately.

The excessive game play of lighting has not destructed the mood of the film. Editing has taken place most properly. A good editing never spoils the mood of the stories. It is the arrangement of the shots taken to reflect the theme and story line of the film in proper way. In the film, this side can claim huge excellence. Director has been successful to build a creation with his thought, theme, and editing.

The most spectacular aspect of the film is it’s symbolic representation. Director has successfully executed the film language in her film. Different explanation of the situation has been shown through classical dance and theatrical presentations. The relationship between the talent and the demon has frequently been explained in all symbols. The postures of the dance moments step by step shows us what the theme of the film actually is. As film language has been the yardstick of measuring the greatness of a film in the history of the cinema, this Greek film has proved itself a masterpiece.  Another aspect is the acting of the actors and the actresses. Acting by Panagiotis Tsimpris and Director herself has been uniquely lively. Maria has played the central role. The acting is not melodramatic.

It has gone at a par with the script and screenplay and successfully established the theme. Above all the film is entirely poetic. Whatever the contents are there, everything is woven with the poetic attitude which has made the film a masterstroke. 


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