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Written by Ruhi Sayyed / Reviewed by Riya Saha

A true Horror movie is something with shocks or easy thrills the audience. Watch it with popcorn raised on rollercoaster rides like scream and goosebumps. Surely we do laugh at our behavior after the movie is over. When I was reviewing the screenplay of FAMED by Ruhi Sayyed it was night and you really cannot guess the type of feelings I had. Yes, the movie is compact and truly something that can be called a true horror screenplay.

I felt that FAMED has a brilliantly written story and the scenes are terrifying beyond words. It does not matter if you have read the screenplay but if executed this can be one of the best horror movies.  I cannot still recoil from those scenes in total shock and revulsion. It is one thing to read about a case of demonic possession but watching it is a simply different experience.

To see the furniture across a frigid cinema hall all alone with just one audience is sneaky enough. And to find it similar to someone but not remembering, it is difficult to.

The writer Ruhi Sayyed, with her scrupulous attention to detail, her determination to convey a sense of realism, starts the story with a flashback of a cleaning boy enters the hall from an exit gate carrying a garbage bag in his hand. He picks up the left-over food items and cold drink cans simultaneously sweeping the floor. As he walks up to the camera, he suddenly stops right with a shocked expression.

Coming to cut to a month later a young couple, Emily & Mark, came to watch the movie at night and remarks that this is one of the best horror movies ever made and it is said that the director lost live after watching his own movie.

The story achieves such startling effects from every beginning that one comes away almost completely convinced of the possibility of demonic possession. Ruhi’s script rushes headlong towards a blood-curling climax, a series of scenes so powerful it left me exhausted.

The scenes were James and Henry start speaking while watching the movie, with no one present and James repeatedly mention that he had seen his face somewhere but cannot remember is where the horror starts, coming to the final scene where Henry says that he can make James movie famous, and asks James to choose his words wisely.

To quote a   few lines from the Screenplay:

HENRY: Seek and you will find

He turns around to find Henry sitting at his earlier seat as well.

He looks flabbergasted.

Suddenly Henry appears in front as well.

Knock and the door will be opened to you.

FAMED is something about how a director’s horror movie based on real incidents came to fame after he was mysteriously found dead during the screening of his horror movie. Cannot wait to see the ugly sores erupt on the victim’s face, to see the eyes turn fiendish with hate, and to see who the visuals of the man sitting with James!

I wish the screenplay turns into a movie and through I am not a very horror movie fan, I can sneak into a quiet, late-night screening, give myself over to the film, and I believe, FAMED has the storyline to make me and every one of you terrified.


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