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Directed by Freddy Moyano / Reviewed by Riya Saha

Hello Everyone! As you all know that we are going through a tough phase under the COVID 19 pandemic. We all stuck in our homes, and the majority of us have been abandoned by our normal lifestyle. But we have to accept our new normal, and lead a happy stress life. Even I am missing my vacation and weekend tours with friends.

This is when I got to review Fair Weather Sandhill, a wildlife documentary directed by Freddy Moyano. I was more than simply awestruck at the beautiful waterfalls and the heavenly scenes of Mother Nature. Fair Weather Sandhill is an original wildlife short documentary filmed in Northeastern Wisconsin USA with exclusive wildlife footage around the Green Bay area, depicting how protected bird species such as Sandhill cranes migrate yearly in search of cooler, water-abundant weather.

This production offers an educational overlook at this colorful, iconic bird and its clashing with red-winged blackbirds before they head for the Arctic. A piece of awareness to remind us, that we must continue to care for these precious creatures and ensure the ongoing survival of wildlife ecosystems.

It seems that 6 min 17 seconds just flew by simply staring at the screen. Believe me, I watched and rewatched this short documentary for 4 times.

Mexico and Wisconsin USA (spring at last!). It is a combination of the big snow meltdown and milder climate conditions making nesting easier. On their way to more Artic like weather as summer kicks in male blackbird start its gracious calls. The complete documentary was so eyed soothing, it has complete learning elements, and also the complete documentary was eye-pleasing.

A recent winner at the 32nd edition of India’s Cult Critic Movie Awards (Best Environment/Nature/Wildlife Film), Fair Weather Sandhill is surely awarded worthy. The complete documentary was shot in 4K and UHD ProRes Proxy at 24 fps (Blackmagic Cinema Pocket 4K + F8 500 mm lens + MEIKE Cinelens). Moreover, the audio was really soothing, the sound of the waterfalls, the chirping of the birds, every single detail is noteworthy.

The ones who are most affected in the pandemic are the children because they cannot play with their friends, or even go to school. This documentary can be an amazing piece of infotainment for them. Kids love animals and enjoy watching nature documentaries especially when they feature beautiful nature and animals.

Freddy Moyano narrates this fabulous nature doc that features beautiful sceneries of Mexico and its wildlife. Nature documentaries can teach our kids and also us about the fascinating world of nature, exposing them to natural history events and challenges that they might not have known about or could understand unless seeing it. Plus, they are pretty darn wonderful when done right.

Watching Fair Weather Sandhill will actually boost your happiness. Moreover, research has shown that nature documentaries trigger the neurochemicals of happiness, reducing the stress and anxieties of modern life. The effect was seen most in people between the ages of 16 to 24.

So, make the most of your time useful by watching the exclusive and informative Fair Weather Sandhill by Freddy Moyano.


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