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Directed by Michael David Charles Hicks/ Reviewed by Triptayan Chatterjee

The incredible art to show the actual universal conflict between man and the civilization, A unique representation of the human psychology has made the theme of the film EUGENE VS HUMANITY a true cinema. The real sense of cinema with fine theme and script along with the proper editing capability is the lifeline of the film. Director Michael David Charles Hicks has shown his adequate efficiency in this wonderful film. The theme of the film has been made on a universal factor of human life, the story line has been on most contemporary topics taking place in the modern world along with its unique appeal to the common viewers and the common peoples. Here lays the heart of the film. When even the indie films also somewhere being diverted from its own way, EUGEN VS HUMANITY has given us a wonderful presentation. Much experience Director Michael David Charles Hicks has given the definition of what actually an indie film is and how much can be said in a short span?

What Michael showed in the film is actually the conflict between man and it’s around. The feature of the inserted in the character Eugene Perry is what the Director say is misanthropy. Eugene has everything in his life a man normally needs and dreams of. Despite of having all he wants in life he is not satisfied. But what is the cause of his dissatisfaction he doesn’t know actually. So without any groundless cause the unwanted events go on taking places in the life and the society. Eugene can’t tolerate this society and goes against every normal event and an attitude of revenge grows in him. This is not any fiction. This is actually the real incidents taking places particularly in civilized cities of the world. This psychological problems creating massive frustration among the young generation and it is creating unwanted events in the world which are difficult to restrict. Michael has wonderfully become successful in highlighting this message for the global society. The film is uniquely woven.

Not only the theme or the script, The film has a good story line also. Based on a contemporary event the story line has been just at a par with the film’s theme. The script has successfully manifested the theme. The lead actor Collin has a tremendous power of acting which has given a unique representation of the the central character Eugene. The all-round editing of the film has been just strictly following the film without any extra and unnecessary cut. The light has been just what is required. But the most important aspect of the film is the symbolization. Practically we see a blood scar on the face of Eugene which suggests that all-time Eugene is injured within himself. Watching the world from the other side of the windshield focuses the life Eugene is watching. This symbolization is actually the essence of Indie film. There is a vast difference between film and cinema. A film can only be turned into a good cinema when it carries some important features like symbolization. Michael has implemented it to narrate the everlasting injured heart of a misanthropic.

The film EUGENE VS HUMANITY has really been a cinema.


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