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Entangle The Confusion

Entangle The Confusion

Directed by Prabhakar Sharan  |  Review by Ananya Jana

[dropcap]P[/dropcap]rabhakar Sharan, a resident of Bihar, finished his intermediate studies in India and moved to Costa Rica in Central America, in the year of 2002. He was the second Indian to visit Costa Rica and he came with a very objective purpose to create the more dignified name for his home country. He directed, acted and become the first Indian to work in Bollywood-Latin American fusion movie, which was quite an achievement.

In his debut film, the main protagonists are Leo and Ana. Their story is about love, war and money, which are, generally speaking, the most important aspect of everybody’s life. Leo is more interested in his career than his love life and he also wants to be considered important and strong, so he constantly practices ‘’macho’’ attitude. He feels that he needs to prove himself and his grandiosity. Leo creates a more interesting (and self-revealing) character in his own stories of the war. He gets his fun and his war all boiled down into a few minutes.
After a certain period of time, everybody realizes that in between love and money, in every aspect of life, love is much more important than the money. Our main protagonist also proved this idea true. He decided to back the money for the sake of love. Because of this, he proved to be a real hero as well as an ideal human being in front of the audience.

The main plot is based on happy and funny decades. Sometimes the audience feels that the plot is serious and in some other instances they can also feel the fun side of the story. This takes the audience on a roller coaster ride through the story. The entire confusion has started during the accident but this accident made the plot more interesting and stronger.

Romance takes a back seat in this second installment that doesn’t quite find the balance to fully satisfy fans of romance or history buffs. Love & money for economic growth became to compete when it comes to the main topic. The reason for this is that the story deals with the time in the young couple’s life just after they’re married when either war or economic necessity means they need to spend a lot of time apart. This means that readers who aren’t fans of both romance and history may get impatient waiting to get back to the parts they find most interesting and emotionally engaging.

The two characters have a voice and a personality that are alluring. Hopefully, people will be drawn to find out more about the film. They may have very different backgrounds, but they are united in their search for reconciliation: to resolve what the war took from them, but also to find what life might still promise for the future. The entire film ends on a positive note and creates a refreshing mood that will make the audience feel happy and refreshed.


Ananya Jana finished her master degree in Journalism and mass communication. She is the event coordinator. She loves to explore different genres of movie. She is a passionate writer and believes that real writing equals authentical writing without the veneer and excuses in order to reach the audience at a heart level. She believes that when she writes she comes alive and the energy zaps. Her passion for writing focuses on character-driven plotlines.

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