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Dilwale Sajaniya Le Jayenge



Script by Dhiraj Bakshi

Names play a huge part in Dhiraj Bakshi’s films. The way he uses the name of the film stars is not only interesting but also shows his understanding of India’s social strata. In Dilwale Sajaniya Le Jayenge, he used the world ‘Dilwale’ but the film is certainly not a romantic one. The film talks about a whole lot of issues- from foreign relations to nuclear armament. It is also interesting to understand how Dhiraj Bakshi looks at India’s current situation. While talking about India, he also touched upon the issue of religion. The film is a mash up of many things.

It is a full-length feature film full of action and thrill. As mentioned earlier, the film will excite you with its characters. Interestingly, the character names that he has chosen are known to everybody. It is not easy to put the film under any particular genre but to put it in perspective; you can call it as an action drama. The thrill present in the film is really invigorating. Throughout the film there is tension which actually binds the films. There is a sense of nationalism in the film also which is signature for all Dhiraj Bakshi’s film.

The writer of script Dhiraj Bakshi is a multiple award winner writer. His views on India and religion are sometime quite extreme. But that’s his style. He dares not to talk on any subject. His movies are big and glossy in nature. The way he dealt with the characters in this film is not only interesting but also fascinating.  Dhiraj has won multiple awards from different parts of the world. Within such a short period of time he has won awards. He is a writer par excellence who needs to be lauded. This film has given him again the accolades and awards.

There are multiple plots in the script. However, the story is very simple. A writer saves the life of his live-in partner (vagina) along with 195 presidents and prime ministers from heavily armed military invaders. The script is filled with action and drama. The life story of Allah Jesus, the writer, is an interesting one. His live-in relationship with his partner vagina another fascinating chapter of this film just like association with 007 intelligence. His relationships and associations have made the film really interesting. It is really interesting how the story has been weaved.

As I said earlier, he plays with the characters’ name. The way he uses the name of the film stars is not only interesting but shows how India functions. It is also his dreams to see an India of his dreams. What fascinates many readers is the sheer audacity of the writer in he placed the movie actors name in different positions. His understanding of the global politics is also enthralling. You can easily find the nuances of Indian society which is also the signature of India. There are some heavy names but that didn’t dilute the intensity of the film.

The script gives a global approach to the world. In a highly globalized world, where everyone is connected, this script stands out. This well-bind script comes with the assurance that how modern India is connected with a highly globalized world. Dhiraj’s candid approach has positioned himself as a tremendously talented script writer. There are excitements in each and every chapter. It puts the script in a position to multiple reading. Like his previous scripts, Dhiraj has done a wholesome work that binds all the facets of Indian society with the world.


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