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Directed by Dhiraj Bakshi/ Reviewed by Biplab Das

Dilwale Ki Chandniyan Mohabbetein Dulhaniya is a typical big budget romantic Bollywood movie. It is a romantic drama involving India, Pakistan, China and France. A large part of the film is set in foreign locations also. If you love romantic drama then you will surely love this film. The main protagonist of the film, I don’t want to reveal his character, is a man in search of love. His journey to find love is the central plot line of the film. It is really interesting to see how the film evolved over time.

 Usually, people love this kind of film. It has all the quotient of a big budget film. It has drama, action, romance and song- all the things. It is also really important to see that the director of the film has able to bring all the aspects entertainment under one table.  Audience will cherish every moment of the film. The film appeals to the each and every section of the society. This is the best part of the film that it attracts everyone. The film has the ability to attract the global audience also.

Dhiraj Bakshi has written an excellent film. The screenplay of the film is really strong and demands attention. The ways he created and dramatized make the film really commendable. He also has written the beautiful songs present in the film. A strong storyline makes the film unique. The story is filled with multiple ups and downs. However, the flow of the movie is so smooth that you can’t take away your eyes from the screen. As I said earlier, the characterization and the names of the film are really unique. Some may call it funny, but I find it quite intriguing and innovative. All the actors are stupendously great in the film.

The film is a romance drama. The protagonist of the film falls in love with the heroine and the story revolves around it. The film is filled the spectacular and extravagant moments. The film has all the ingredients of becoming a Bollywood biggie. The locations where songs have been shot are extremely beautiful. The cinematography of the film is excellent. The way cinematographer captured the action scenes is really commendable and a visual pleasure. However, the best part of this film is its editing. The way the film has been edited is really appreciable. I believe the editing is the essence of a film. The editing and the story is the combination that has brought success in this film. Although there is no success-mantra for big Bollywood budget film, but here it is the vision of Dhiraj Bakshi that transpires everything. Few actors in the film are new but most actors are veteran and made their presence on the screen.

While evaluating the film, I realized one thing that the film would be have been made without a great team effort. Dhiraj Bakshi did a great job in not only writing a great film but also bring everyone under one roof. The way this film has connected the topics like romance, drama, action is really commendable. The film has an ensemble cast but that didn’t dilute the central idea of the story. The characterization of the protagonist is certainly new to the Bollywood movies. Dhiraj Bakshi’s vision to life and love for India has also portrayed in the film really well. Interestingly, Dhiraj also has a worldview. He doesn’t forget the current political situation in India. He seems well-versed with the foreign affairs also which he included in the film.

I would give Dilwale Ki Chandniyan Mohabbetein Dulhaniya 4 stars out of 5 stars. The reason I’m giving such high numbers because of the enigmatic factors of it. Knowing that it has some bold dialogues but still this film is for everybody and can uplift anyone’s mood.


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