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Written by Dhiray Bakshi

Dilbar Jaani Jesus Hindustani is a fun movie. Everyone will enjoy it. The story-line is simple, and from eight to eighty can watch and will enjoy the film. The film touches every aspect of human emotions that the audience searches for in a film. Audiences developed an immediate connection with the title of the film. The title of the film is really interesting. From the start of the film, the audience can develop direct contact with the film. In a sense, the film is very Indian. The film evokes a certain degree of patriotism for the country.

If you want to put a tag on the film in terms of the genre then it should be an action-thriller. It has drama, thrill, action, and ends with a happy note. There are many moments in the film when you feel the thrill. There are multiple facets in the film which makes it a multi-genre film. There are very few films I’ve seen with this kind of multi-faceted story-line. Interestingly, the way the story has been weaved; you cannot find any mistakes in the film. The title of the film contains the words ‘Jesus’ and ‘Hindustani’. So you can understand how the writer finely balanced these two in the film.

The writer and director of this film is Dhiraj Bakshi. He is the winner of multiple prizes across the world. He has been writing and making films for a long time. The care and experience are very much present in the film. His directing and writing acumen stands him apart from the others. The way he created the protagonist in the film is commendable. Dialogues in the film are not only bold but striking too. They stay with you long after finish watching the film. He has a knack for taking on religious dogmatism. The way he gives names to characters shows his antagonist outlook.

The plot of the film is really simple. The story focuses on a screenwriter and also a military man who is part of the ministry of home affairs. He is famous for his scripts and has already given numerous hits. It seems the film is his story. The film also focuses on other elements like Rashtrapati Bhavan, terrorist attack, etc. The way he and his wife, who is also a security officer, saves the country is fascinating to watch. The premise of the story is quite intriguing and the perfect execution makes it best. The story deals with the most important events in the lives of the characters. The film has a lot of suspense which keeps the audience glued together for the upcoming scenes. Each part of the story whether it is the Rashtrapati Bhawan or party scene, or the terrorist attack scene, or the private scenes or romance between a husband and wife all of them are unique and the film writer has focused on each of the scenes with a unique vision. The suspense at the end brings great value to the film. in short, the film has action, romance, suspense, and a catchy story.

Dhiraj Bakshi has successfully set the scene for each character. He has introduced plot twists, realistic dialogue, and other basic film elements. The background of the scenes is well researched. Dhiraj has comfortably based his story on the Rashtrapati Bhawan, the glitz and glamour of film stars, and also showcases the emotions between him and his wife or the chemistry that the lead actor shares with the actresses. This film has everything that you can expect from a Bollywood blockbuster.

I like to rate the film high because of its originality. The film shows how people sacrifice their life for the country. The film teaches the power of unity. Dhiraj Bakshi not only focuses on the issue of religion but also patriotism, nationalism, etc.


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