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Die Out

Directed by Benny Paul

The short movie is a presentation by Nirakkoottu Productions, shot during the pandemic ridden 2020. The name of this movie  – the existence of earth above your arrogance implies that this planet will continue being normal whether we exist or not. Also, the idea of filming this movie during lockdown unfolds the serene Kerala which was an unimaginable thing to expect when humans were infesting more than positively contributing to a better tomorrow.

The movie starts with a regular yet annoying scene of honking vehicles on a busy road, probably the day before the lockdown was implemented nationwide. From here, the director BenRo made a subtle leap to a world reminding me of few scenes from renowned sci-fi movies depicting the planet after an alien invasion or an apocalypse. 

If you are an avid nature lover or want to explore more of Kerala, then this short movie of 9:38 minutes is the gig for you to discover God’s own country. From the beginning scene till the end you will enjoy a great treat of smart camera work and sound effect. In the entire movie, you will receive a vibe of being alone in this world which could be either relaxing or induces a feeling of fear on what you wish the planet to be when you wake up one fine morning.

While watching this movie I personally feel the title of the movie is an absolute for making us realize how our arrogance and ignorance can wipe out the existence of life over night. This movie is a visual treat and a relief for those who are tired of the complex and nonsense plot of reel and real-life drama. In every scene, you are not only going to see Kerala in its different shade but will also get acquainted with how refreshing nature can be without human chaos and the honking trail of busy vehicles.

While watching you may experience nail-biting situations due to the brilliant inclusion of some jump scaring tunes. You might also see some familiar beast treading the roads and gullies of Kerala in a human-free world. No doubt, during your entire binging time, this movie will be reminding you how the tagline perfectly matches the essence of every bit of this movie.

The director knows what he wants to feed his audience and to understand the underlying message you need to stick to the last scene which is the USP of this masterpiece. If you want to travel Kerala from the safe and comfort zone of your home, sit back, relax and click the play button to beat the wander bug in you. When the unfamiliar lockdown is compelling us to accept and settle peace with this new secluded normal such offbeat movies offer some relief.

Such brilliant initiatives from budding talents like Die-Out and alike movies are a gush of fresh air in making your quarantine days bearable. Such movies are a treat to watch for the audiences who are always up for great content and an inspiration for other aspiring folks who can offer exceptional work with a lasting impact and in budget off course.

Coming back to the work again, I can say somewhere while watching you might be expecting some change or some action to happen. This is where I felt a little left out being an audience and waited till the end for some interesting plots. The mysterious work of music in some scenes almost put me at the edge of my seat. If you are a native of Kerala then you will find some peace in the isolated bus stands, rail stations and beaches that were always overcrowded in the pre-lockdown phase. And this post lock-down period is like the much-awaited self-healing time for nature.

With the entire movie coming to its end, the last scene is a ray of hope for the entire world when we will be back again to our normal familiar lives if we stay cautious and abide by the quarantine rules. As an audience, I will give this art piece 3 out of 5 with a special shout out to the director, camera person and the one behind the brilliant sound mixing.


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