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Directed by NandlL Nayak/ Reviewed by Triptayan Chatterjee

It’s really amazing! No doubt to say that the film DHUMKUDIYA, a wonderful creation by Director NandalNayak has proved that cinema is nothing but an ultimate example of art. With it’s enriched content, with it’s wonderful story line on contemporary problems, with it’s shooting in the backdrop of vast landscape, the film has been an example of the ultimate creation. In this decade where most of the film makers confine themselves within the four walls of established studio, become unable to express the real flavor of the creative film, Nandlal has gone far away from them. DHUMKKUDIYA is not only a cinema, it is a deed of the history of a particular tribal society which has been able to attain a universality where we think of the definition of cinema. The amalgamation of individual and social arena in the backdrop of nature and human life, particularly in the vast landscape of tribal habitat has rarely been narrated in current films. No doubt, the Director has succeed.

Film and Cinema has vast difference. A cinema is actually a rich presentation of a theme first and foremost. DHUMKKUDIYA is enriched with a theme. It has been based on a tribal society and it’s own administration, which slips off from the path of honesty. The modern urban society has impressed them. So grids and self centered attitudes are now found in the tribal social character. This attitude does not even save their own members or individuals. The conflict within the society between grid and honesty has been the theme of the film. The writer and the director has woven this theme with a beautiful story line which is not at all any fantasy. Rather it has been a document of modern tribal history. Another current issue of human trafficking has been painted here with delicate description. Centering on the issue of the human trafficking, the theme and story line has been prepared for the film.

DHUMKKUDIYA is a tale of universal appeal. The theme of the plot is parallel to the efforts of legendary film makers who wanted the life and society of the sub-altern society and culture. This society has been the matter of point since time immemorial. Nandlal has tried to repeat the creation in a unique way. The story line is the headline of the modern newspaper which are generally avoided by the common even intellectual peoples. The cinematography of the film has been nice. It has never been even a little bit extravagant.

Light is at a par with the time frame depicted in the script and the screenplay. Most important part of this film has been found the job of editing. It is really nice one. Never it is felt that the story of the film has been not at variance with the theme or screenplay. Here the editing of the film has made it’s ultimate success. Along with it the acting of the artists have brought unique flavour to the film.

It should be repeated again that it is rarely found in today’s film maker that they have tried to choose like an epic theme in the backdrop of wide angle outdoor. Most of them prefers studios to make the films practically indoor. But DHUMKKUDIYA has walked down far from there. This film has been pictured in accordance with the needs of the subject. Every part of the film has not been overshadowed by the artificial set. Rater the natural backdrop has increased the appeal of the film to the viewers. So the film can claim the highest quality of the actual film making.

DHUMKKUDIYA is actually has been an invisible chapter of the history of cinema. The most important part of the film is it’s film language which has clarified every aspect of the society and human being with respect to the contemporary events. It has been a masterstroke.


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