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Written by Jibin George James / Reviewed by Ria Saha

The feelings of violation of one’s self-esteem are harsh and it is challenging. But have you ever felt what goes inside those who are actually assaulted or raped? The definition of ‘rape’ is itself a matter of some dispute, rape is generally understood to involve sexual penetration of a person by force and/or without that person’s consent. Rape is committed overwhelmingly by men and boys, usually against women and girls.

Jibin George James’ film Devika demonstrates the common attitude of the Indian society towards women. Our Indian society has defined a woman’s personality within the constraints of her form and dress and if anything, less than what is expected by them is seen in their petty vision – she is labeled as a slut. But on the other hand, the same men who goes on to drink, and takes drugs are not given any tags, rather they have the right to perform all illegal and unfavorable acts.

Through the movie, I felt the director has sent a message that “Woman should be treated as an independent personality. She also has all the rights and freedoms of a democratic country. It’s not a generosity by men.”

And it is true, having sex with consent is a different aspect but the willingness of having sex using violence is simply unacceptable. What women should wear and how they should cover their body, is something best left to them. As a guy, it’s a shame if they get excited looking at someone else short dress, which makes them have no control over their mind, body, and acts.

The film Devika, is not only a smart initiative to convey the general attitude of people who think that women should not wear short dresses, or they should not smoke, or stay away from home late at night. On the other hand, when Devika in the interview session dictates that she is not a virgin, but that does not mean that she can be raped or she is available for everyone.

The lead actress who plays the role of a model explains that, she hangs around with friends, but no one has the right to have sex with her without her consent or willingness.

When a person narrates or describes an event, he doesn’t reveal certain details. Thus, the truth that is being narrated gets changed. The truth is what we find while uncovering all the blind spots and angles. The real truth can only be identified by looking at it from all sides. Unfolding the truth during the interview session is well played in Devika.

Thus, I would say that Devika as a film has a strong message and the interview session is worth it to watch. The acting of the actors in the lead role was absolutely brilliant. The dialogues were thoughtful, engaging, and absolutely on point. Devika caters to the spectators of serious cinema. The film has taken an important subject and portrayed it in the best possible way. Athira Madhav was strong in the emotional bits and she delivered one of her best performances in the film. Maanav looks and acts sharp it’s a pleasure to watch him play the negative role, in Devika.

Overall the movie definitely a must-watch!


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