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Delaware Shore

Delaware Shore

Written by Raghav Peri  |  Review by Aindrila Chatterjee

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he story revolves around a survivor, Agnes, who is haunted by the terrifying war experiences. . She finds herself safe in Delaware forest after escaping from many concentration camps. The dreadful bloodshed took away the affection from her heart. One fine morning, she finds her two grandchildren, Tasha and Gallagher.

In spite of all the odds, she managed to raise her grandchildren by giving them the minimum love and affection. Without any proper help and affection, both Tasha and Gallagher became successful in their careers. Tasha became a bright, talented poet and Gallagher a deeply sensitive optimist. They both struggled a lot in their lives. A search mode for affection goes on, as they missed this kind of affectionate hand of their grandmother in their home. Sometimes, this search remains unseen due to life changing consequences. Agnes has tried to give all her love and affection to her grandchildren, but somehow these warm feelings got lost somewhere, due to the war atrocities in the camps that she experienced as a holocaust survivor. Later on, along the shores of Delaware, their lives unfold into something new, which forms the whole story.

This movie shows us that some equilibrium in life is really important for our well-being. We all need that parental love and affection in our entire life, which may come from parents or grandparents or someone else who is close enough to us. Tasha and Gallagher missed that unconditional heavenly love in their lives as Agnes was incapable of giving it to them due to her war experiences in various camps. But as long as one is capable of accepting such behavior, one can move on along their own path.

In this movie, the director showed us the same thing through his three main characters – Agnes, Tasha and Gallagher. The journey from the camp to the shore of the Delaware in wheelchair tells us not only the story of a single life of a refugee, but it also included many other similar lives. Like other directors, Peri also unfolded the climax of the story at the very end of his movie. This felt both satisfying and soothing.

Born in Hyderabad, Raghav Peri did many short films about social issues. His love and passion for cinema took him to this world of creativity. He moved to the States in 2013. Before he moved to the States, Raghav has made a few shorts on social themes. Many directors and writers make films and documentaries about social issues of human beings, but Raghav’s dream of speaking about this issue and harsh reality in an artistic manner has paid off with 15 international awards and 13 nominations in festivals across the globe.


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