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Directed By by Bhushan Nethi

A young man wakes up buried in a box, with no way out. With limited resources, he must face his demons and try to understand who could wish him such a cruel death. With very little time to be saved, and a long list of suspect, he must try to find the answer in order to save his own life.

Vishal, played by the talented Pavan Aryaveer Rajput, celebrates his birthday with his friends. At night, the group goes out to a club and the men find themselves in a fight. Leaving the club, they decide to grab a drink in the woods. After two of them leave, Vishal and his friend hear gunshots and think they’re being chased. The two men run for their lives, and unintentionally lose each other.

Vishal then wakes up to find himself buried in a box. With little water, a lighter and an alternative phone, Vishal contacts all those he had wronged, trying to figure out who could have tried to retaliate in such a way. Meanwhile, his loyal friends come to his rescue and try to persuade the police to search for him.

Time passes, his water ends, the air thins out, the phone battery almost dies, and Vishal has successfully managed to alienate and hurt almost all the friends he reached out to.

These last moments clear his mind and he’s able to reach meaningfulconclusions about his life. Without revealing the twist the ending provides, the main thing Vishal understands is that he needs to learn from his past mistakes and work harder to become a better person. That is, if he makes it out, of course.  

Will Vishal find his killer and be able to free himself? You’ll have to watch to find out.

I want to applaud the director and actor who managed to keep me intrigued throughout the film, as most of it happens inside the burial box. It is no easy task to keep the drama, the tension and pace so high while being able to show so little.

The director did a beautiful job taking us into Vishal’s world. He slowly revealed his flaws, yet managed to keep us rooting for him, and wishing for his rescue.The end, when he calls his mother, was especially touching and beautiful.

The editing, done by Anandh Pavan, and music, done by Prince Henry, set the right kind of tone for the film, and made sure we are kept on our toes. The cinematography, done by Sajeesh Rajendran, was creative and used the limited space very well. The shots, frames and movement enhanced the drama, and served the claustrophobic, breathless vibe.

‘Deep Inside’ is about exploring one’s behavior and learning how to better yourself. Only when his back is against the wall, does Vishal realize the pain he inflicted on others and the meaning of doing right by those he loves. In uncertain times, all we can do is work on ourselves and try to help others. This lesson mustn’t be forgotten when times get better. But just in case you need a reminder, this film will do the trick. It will take on a wild ride, supply you with the thrill you want, and the life lessons you need.  


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