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Directed By by Jhanvi Gadhvi

According to Vedic knowledge, any thought or act progressive to spiritual life is good. And spiritual life may be defined simply—but accurately—as that which is pleasing to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, as enunciated in the recognized scriptures.

Priya Kanha Directed and written by JHANVI GADHVI tells the story of an old lady and her letter to Lord Krishna. Krishna is a perfect personification of divinity, to this day hundreds of millions of people pray to him, chant his names, meditate on his form and try to put his teachings into practice.

By watching Priya  Kahna you will get carried away by the simplicity of the story. I wonder how she could think of such a  soulful story, but then I realized that she got the inspiration from her father who is a  folk storyteller and hence her inclination towards telling stories comes from him.

Synopsis of the story

A 65 years old lady Nirmala, living in a small village of Madhya Pradesh, one day overhears two ladies in the alley, talking about god sending money to people. Hearing this, Nirmala also writes a letter to god, with the help of Ajju her neighbour’s son asking for money.

Ajju after knowing that Nirmala is writing a letter to god gets shocked and thinks that Nirmala has lost her mind. Ajju after takes the letter and leaves Nirmala’s house.

Thinking the letter is useless, Ajju throws it away in the alleyway. Next morning, while Nirmala is mopping her floor, she hears a knock on the door, she opens and looks around and finds no one. As she looks down, she finds an envelope.

She picks it up and opens it and finds 50 rupees from inside. Nirmala gets shocked and excited and calls out to Ajju from her window while searching for a pen and paper. Ajju runs and enters her house worried.

Nirmala shows her the money, Ajju seeing the money is left numb and speechless. He doesn’t react and checks the envelope, thinking who sent it and how. Nirmala till then gives a paper and pen to ajju and tells him to write one more letter thanking god.

In the end, we see a postman with his cycle standing against a wall, in the alleyway, reading the letter, he smiles and puts the letter inside his pocket and leaves.

Final Verdict

The realistic acting of the lead cast Neela Mulherk who played the role of “Nirmala” a 65-year-old lady was just perfect.  Zeal Gohel who plays “AJJU” also played his part brilliantly, the way he got shocked when his Nani told him to post the letter to Swarglog was indisputable and praiseworthy.

But I feel the real lord Krishna was Akhil Sharma who played the role of a Postman. Lord Krishna always carries a smile in his face, but here the smile of the Postman encloses all the intricacies and emotions entwined in a heady but grounded sequence of flawless storytelling.

“Dear Lord Krishna” is a  must-watch short as it is such a  movie that you keep on thinking of, days after watching it. You will love the gripping tale of hope, friendship and simplistic unfulfilled human desires poignantly brought to reality.


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