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Directed by CV Ramana

As a young man unsuccessfully tries to write a note, the other crumpled pieces of paper try to find out what is going on with his life, and what he’s trying to write.

As the different notes come together, we begin to learn about Anand’s life and the situation in the country. Loti, one of the notes, puts together the information it saw on its way to the floor, and the scribbling it can see on the other notes. At the beginning we think the man is writing a romantic love letter, but then a newspaper crumple announces it might actually be a suicide note, and repeats the staggering news written on it regarding layoffs, and crime. The others come together, each revealing a different piece of the puzzle. We learn the man has gone bank rubbed and that the woman he loves is engaged to marry another.This information creates an emotional turmoil among the pieces of paper.Fear sneaks in and the crumpled notes decide to find a way and save Anand.    

Unaware of the chaos and anxiety below him, the man moves across the room, setting up a chair, showcasing a noose. As the film continues we begin to worry the newspaper might have been right and hope the man will have a change of heart.

Loti decides to become more active and roles itself across the other notes to see what they have written on them, asking for help wherever it reaches.

Together with a letter from Anand’s mom, the two notes manage to get the man’s attention… To see how it ends, and who Loti really is, you’ll have to watch the film.

‘Crumpled’deals with a heartbreaking subject, and presents a person at his most painful moment as he chooses to end his own life. The filmmaker decided to approach the issue from a different perspective and add a bit of humor. The final idea remains the same, and it holds the promise of light at the end of the tunnel. The filmmaker also chooses to reward the man as one of the notes holds a great surprise. That serves as a good example for life being full of surprises and that good things can come even when we feel like all is lost. 

The director, CV Ramana, also wrote, acted, edited and shot the film. Truly a one man show.  

He chose a rough subject matter and while I wouldn’t have added this kind of humor to the film, I understand his desire to catch the viewers and entertain them while sending a strong message about a meaningful topic.

It is clear much thought had been put into this project and in rough times like these, this could be a good reminder for all – hang in there, better days will come. 


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