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Directed by Frances Sapphire / Reviewed by Adva Reichman

What’s more enjoyable than an Italian well-made crime thriller that keeps you entertained and on your toes as it delves deep into a world of revenge, secrets and conspiracies.

In ‘Crime Never Dies’, Luca and Violet, two young thieves try to rob a helpless older woman, but find themselves choosing the wrong victim. Samantha, the seemingly vulnerable victim, turns out to be a sophisticated ruthless criminal.The two end up working for her and following her plan. The new formed team executes a dangerous plan meant to get a hold of a top-secret software that can create serious damage if found in the wrong hands. The money they’ll receive should then keep them happy and safe while on the run in Brazil.

As the plan begins, a young woman gets kidnapped and her mother is forced to copy the software, or risk never seeing her daughter again. Luckily for her, and be known to all, the police finds out and tracks the suspect.

As the film continues, the twists keep coming and the plot thickens.

Kidnapping, threats, and a much-deserved payback plan are only part of what makes this short film so entertaining.Its creator obviously put a lot of work into it, and it paid off.

Having said that, the plot and dialogue could have benefited from further development, so the story and conclusions drawn by the characters would feel more authentic. Finding other, more suspenseful or action-packed moments to unravel the characters’ motives and reveal their back story could have created a bigger sense of danger and fear throughout the film.Learning about Samantha’s past and real agenda was intriguing, but I wished the way the characters found out about it was different and more compelling.

The concept is terrific, and it played out marvelously. However, the characters’ choices felt too easy at times, and no real obstacle ever seemed to threaten Samantha or others involved in the plan. The stakes were high, so I felt very much involved, but emphasizing the danger and what could go wrong could have upped the tension even more.

Frances Sapphire wears multiple hats in this production. ‘Crime never dies’ is her first screenplay and directing debut. She also stars in it as Samantha, the almighty boss and head of the criminal operation. Truly impressive work.

Rigelsa Cybi, who played Violet, and Daniele Panci, who played Luca,were fun, fresh and pleasurable to watch. The trio complimented each other very well on screen and their chemistry was fun to see.

The music was good and elevated the beats and emotions the director worked so hard to create. The cinematography could have been more carefully planned and help create a greater sense of danger, but it was sharp and worked, and the overall film ended up feeling engaging and compelling.


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