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Directed by Dina Mcneil

A movie cannot be can’t be considered great unless it is full of surprises, unpredictable twists, and leaves you so surprised that you are so engrossed in the story content and forget the characters are just actors. According to thriller-obsessed folks, the Dina McNeil film, CRAVINGS FROM WITHIN, checks off all of the above.

Directed, written, and produced by, Dina McNeil, CRAVINGS FROM WITHIN takes place when a family’s camping trip turns tragic. Unexpectedly, the guardian of the two children is brutally murdered, leaving the young teens to fend for themselves in the woods. As they search for help, eventually they fall prey. Does Brooke survive? Does Blake escape, despite his injuries? What is the true motive of the massacres that are taking place in between the woods? Why is the killer delivering human blood and flesh to the expectant mother? What drives her thirst for blood?

Horror movies get your adrenal glands pumping overtime. The combination of danger and anticipatory suspense generated by the techniques horror movies use to scare you, dig into your brain and trigger your fight or flight response. From the first appearance of the murderer, your heart rate will speed up and thud in your chest like a hammer and your breathing will quicken during the convincing performance. Fight, don’t flee. Push through your fears, there is much more to see. Enjoy the Adrenalin rush.

Thank the opening credits. For without the actors you’d probably forget you’re watching a piece of fiction. The film is without question one of the most realistic horror films, not over the top, easily among the top tier that will keep you uncomfortable and make you cancel any future camping trips.

The film was made for a 48-hour film horror project. It was so well shot, with awesome cinematography by Mona Urban, catching the essence of the emotions if the characters and the beauty of the surroundings. I love the shrill and anxious tone there is to the second half of the movie. 

Though the movie is short we hope and expect Dina McNeil to create a lengthy version of this movie. This film is surely a breakthrough in her career, and has been widely accepted by the audience. Overall I think it it an amazing short that has earned the right to give us more. Dina McNeil’s work is excellent, plain and simple, hopefully to bring us more suspense and pleasing projects in the future. 

CRAVINGS FROM WITHIN still can disturb and utterly horrify you. It’s 7 minutes of film, watch it with your bestie or your significant other, surely to end with the two of you huddled together on the couch, clinging to each other for support. Lots of action and suspense, excellent performances by the actors, finely polished, and leaving us wanting more. Can’t wait for another good horror story from the director!


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