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Written by Jaroslaw Gogolin/ Reviewed by Riya Saha

Crime is not just a word it but it is associated with negative emotions like remorse and guilt, but it is also associated with empathy, justice, and much more. COPLAND – IN SELF DEFENCE is a crime drama set against the background of a contemporary city. Mark heads up a team of detectives who are investigating a series of terrorist incidents. However, Mark has inner demons he constantly fights. The challenges he and his team face lead him to revise his attitude on life and by the climax of the story, he feels a changed and better man.

Books and movies and video games are obsessed with crime series and somehow we feel the subject intriguing. We come across criminals on motorcycles, true crime, prestige murder dramas, supernatural detectives, detectives working a case across multiple timelines, and so on.

COPLAND – IN SELF DEFENCE is a different version of crime drama. Every scene is detailed and you can see through the story. The group of policemen Mark, Kim, Peter, and Alice and others are always in their search and their blunt experiences can turn out to be a real film.

COPLAND – IN SELF DEFENCE the screenplay has a power-packed storyline, and it will surely invite viewers to call in with their guesses. In these years crime stories are making such an overwhelming percentage of web series and movies that it is bound to attract the audiences. Moreover, as I was going through the screenplay COPLAND – IN SELF DEFENCE, it followed a series of incidents and how they unrolled the terrorist and came back to their normal life.

There’s a whole investigation in the COPLAND – IN SELF DEFENCE, there is a pain in losing one of the close ones, and the complete scenario of investigating is surely absorbing.

Crimes are exceptional, criminals are mysterious and bizarre, and we want access to the titillating, horrible things we cannot see in regular life. Jaroslaw Gogolin has found unimaginable ways to lead a series of finding terrorists that we could have never dreamed possible.

But now let me bring some facts about this script, COPLAND – IN SELF DEFENCE.  The first feature screenplay Jaroslaw Gogolin is in a festival circle and was awarded: 9 official selections, 2 semi-finals, and 7 Award Winner so far.

And I guess if this screenplay becomes a movie it will be surely a gripping and the most watched one. I particularly like a gripping ending. I believe in the phrase “Alls Well that end well and this is why I keep judging a movie by its ending.

And on a positive note, I must say, that this screenplay has a gripping ending. I particularly loved the way the writer has imagined the classroom and the flashbacks.

I world quote the Epilogue


A University lecture hall. Students sitting and a PROFESSOR has his lecture. There is a projector showing pictures to students. The Professor stands behind a rostrum. The Professor speaks to the students.

The PROFESSOR in 60’s, reading glasses on, wears a suit and a shit looks at the students at the top of the rostrum.

PROFESSOR (to students, sarcastic)

Last night I was reading your exam papers…and basically, I came to one conclusion…which is: “God save the patients”.

Students laugh in the lecture hall.


No…it’s not funny…not funny at all… I know it’s your first year but… the level of your knowledge is not firing optimism… Briefly, I am going to talk over the main mistakes you made…perhaps this time you will pay more attention and…so question 21st: “name at least three different T-cells and describe their role in the Adaptive Immune System”…

The projector showing graphics on the wall. The Professor reads from papers and looks at the slides on the wall.



I would like to remind that T-cells and also the B-cells are the major type of lymphocytes…and the answer for the question should be: “killer T-cell, helper T-cell, Gamma delta T-cell, and also you could put memory T-cell”…briefly description:” killer T-cells kill cells that are infected with viruses and other pathogens, or are otherwise damaged or dysfunctional…

FLASHBACK TO the Guy with an apple.


…Helper T-cells regulate both the innate and adaptive immune responses…these cells have no cytotoxic activity and do not kill infected cells or clear pathogens directly. They instead control the immune response by directing other cells to perform these tasks…

FLASHBACK TO observing the Terrorist in the warehouse…and CT in action.

And the story continues…

So, I hope this screenplay turns into a movie soon, and surely it will be a great crime series.


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