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Directed by Rajat Verma

Cheeni Kam Hai is a 7:45 minute-long sweet and simple short film.  Let me assure you that there is no shortage of sweetness in the plot regardless of its misleading title. The film is ‘Indian’ in all aspects. It may seem that the film can only attract the Indian audience but people, especially couples, from all across the world will be able to identify with the issues portrayed in the film.

It may sound like a cliché but this film is for everyone. The Indian flavor is very much present in the film, making the film for everyone. The short gives a feel-good feeling when you finish watching it. The simplicity in the story and telling makes the short easy to watch. This film can easily change the mood of a person from bad to good. Uncluttered storytelling makes the film smooth for the audience. The film develops a direct connection with the audience. The best part is that when they finish watching it, they go with a good feeling. And this should consider as a success of this short.

The short is a drama-fiction, but the film is a comedy in all sense. It has a ‘happy’ ending but whose consequences may be bad. So one may argue that why shouldn’t it be considered as a tragicomedy. It is a story of an Indian household that we see or hear daily.  The story development process of the film is fascinating. It keeps the audience hooked and engaged. The film reveals itself after it ends. The constant psychological fight of the protagonist with himself is interesting to see.

Director Rajat Verma, who likes to present himself as a storyteller, has done a good job. He has stitched all pieces together quite efficiently. He has proven his mettle as a writer in this film with a beautiful story. Actors Mayanand Thakur and Meenu Kamaal have done tremendous jobs. They made their presence felt with their strong acting. The actress in the film made her presence felt when she is not on the screen. The short has already been to many award shows and also the winner at the Virgin Spring Cinefest. The story of the film demands some serious attention.

The plot of the film is simple. A fine Sunday morning of a man is ruined by a sugarless tea followed by a meticulous revenge plan to give his wife a taste of her own medicine. The film ends on a note on how everything boils down to mutual respect. Although it is just a 7-minute long, it still has some multiple bends making the story attractive. The film ends on a funny note but the director has kept the ending open-ended meaning the audience can have different interpretations. At the fag end, the film gives you the option not to think of a happy ending. The ending completely fascinated me yet it is so simple and sort of expected.

This film is about human emotions which deal with the desires, anxieties of a person. The materialistic side of a person has perfectly portrayed in the film. The nuances of daily life have been captured perfectly in the film. The film shows the different shades of a husband-wife relationship.  Another important aspect of this film is the minimalism factor. To simply put, the film has the quality to make you smirk. Although it is a comedy film but yet very much cerebral.

To sum up the article, I would request you to see the film at least one time. I’m sure that you will like it. You’ll like the simplicity of the story and the way it has been told. 


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